The next New Moon coming up on January 31st or February 1st (depending on your location in the world) marks the start of the Lunar New year — a time of fresh, new beginnings.

I love New Moons in general for their potent manifesting energy, but this particular Aquarius New Moon is even more powerfully charged than normal as it heralds the beginning of the Lunar Year.

Traditionally, the Lunar New Year is a time to clear and refresh, declutter your house and clear out the old.

If you are holding onto any outdated ways of being, thinking, working, and doing this is the absolute ideal time to finally wave them goodbye, and instead look forward to a new, more inspiring mindset.

If you’ve been feeling foggy-headed, stagnant, or frustrated that it’s already one month into 2022 and not much has changed in your life, NOW is the time to clear your mind and get ready for the rest of the year with a brand new attitude!

Some of the themes accompanying this Aquarius New moon include:

  • Clearing space for the new.
  • Renewing your mindset.
  • Checking your self-talk.
  • Creative breakthroughs.
  • Creating your freedom.
  • Being of service to humanity.
  • Elevated consciousness.

All of those topics may arise in your life or become important in different ways in the days surrounding this New Moon.

However, by far, the biggest theme accompanying this Aquarius New Moon is clearing space for the new.

Only when you set about clearing your mind can you expand your vision.

Only once you have let go of anything toxic, negative, and challenging can you create space for new opportunities and welcome in a bigger, brighter, more expansive future.

So, if you’d like some tips on how to maximize the cosmic energy that’s getting stirred up with this New Moon in Aquarius energy… Read on!

1. Increase Silence.

Spending all your waking hours consuming information takes its toll.

If you are someone who goes to sleep scrolling your phone, and reaching for it as soon as you wake up — take special note!

It’s not good for you. We are bombarded by the media day and night.

We are addicted to scrolling, liking, sharing, commenting, etc. Even listening to interesting podcasts or interviews can take up so much valuable time.

It’s not to say that what you do is not useful or beneficial — but you have to learn to take a break.

Include one day a week where you cut your information intake right down (to zero if possible).

You could do this on a Sunday, or a day when you know you are not required to be online for any reason.

Spend your time in quiet contemplation, read a book, listen to a beautiful piece of music, or simply be in nature.

Whatever you choose to do — be aware of how it makes you feel to take a break from the screen and the constant scrolling.

Maybe, when you go back to your usual routines, you might just find yourself craving that silent time again sooner!

2. Clear out your Physical Space.

Whatever method you prefer, however, you decide what items to keep and what to throw away — the most important thing is to do it!

Reduce the clutter, give your home a thorough spring clean, even change the furniture around if it feels right!

The point is that this New Moon offers powerful supportive energy to any kind of clearing, cleansing, and purging activities.

You’ll be amazed at how much lighter and freer you feel once you actually take the time to tackle that cluttered drawer you’ve been ignoring for months!

Don’t try to do it all at once either, if you prefer to plan it into your schedule, you can choose to organize a section in your house each day.

The best thing to do is to make a commitment to clearing and cleaning and stick to it.

3. Eat Simple.

Another great way to help clear and cleanse your mind is to cleanse your body.

If you feel guided and confident about it, it’s a wonderful time to do a juice cleanse of some kind.

If you’re not sure about cleansing or you’ve never done it before, you can simply choose to spend these days around the New Moon eating simpler, cleaner, and more raw foods.

All foods carry a vibration, and fresh, organic fruit and vegetables carry the highest frequency.

When you consume fresh, natural foods from the earth, they actually work to raise your vibration! (not to mention flooding your body with nutrients and helping your organs to function better).

Start your day with a huge glass of water or green juice instead of reaching for the coffee straight away.

Choose colorful, fresh fruits and vegetables and make a big salad.

Try to spend at least one day just concentrating on a variety of produce and consuming as much of it raw as possible.

When you feel healthier on the inside physically, this translates to your mind.

You will align with the powerful frequencies of the plants (fruits and vegetables) and create space for a slower, simpler way of being.

If you want to try one or all of these tips to help clear your mind, space, and body you will be priming yourself to experience the best of these powerful New Moon energies and feel clear and ready to take on February and the rest of 2022!

Anything challenging that comes your way will be much easier to deal with, once you have a clear mind and feel grounded and cleansed.

Soak in the magical lunar vibrations and enjoy this beautiful Aquarius New Moon.