Are you aware that the better you feel, the higher your energetic vibration and the better your manifestations are?

Everything is vibrating on a deep level.

Everything in the Universe has a vibration, including your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Everything is vibration.

When you look around at your current reality, what you see is a reflection (or a manifestation) of your current perspective (or vibration). That doesn’t mean it is your conscious perspective or even one that you want, but it is nevertheless a direct result of you and the energetic frequency that you are giving off.

When you raise your vibration and you feel good, the things that come into your life (manifestations) will correspond with how you feel.

Self-care is the best thing you can do to raise your vibration.

When your vibration is low, it usually means you are feeling something like sadness, grief, anger, fear, jealousy, or frustration. When your vibration is high, you are feeling joy, happiness, gratitude, and positivity. High vibrational energy is pure and strong, it is what helps energy to flow towards you from the Universe.

So what can you do to raise your vibration?

First of all, I like to think of this as something of a lifestyle choice, an entire way of being, and not a quick fix. You can grab a quick fix to boost your energy vibration of course, but once you apply these tips towards your life in general, you won’t need them. You will be overall vibrating much higher anyway, and life will seem so much more effortless and healthy through honoring your entire self.

Self-care directed to the whole self can be broken down into three parts.

Caring for the body, caring for the mind, and caring for the spirit or soul.

These are some simple and effective ways to bring your life into healthy alignment and raise your vibrations.

1. Caring for the Body

How to Permanently Raise your Energetic Vibration for Great Manifesting

Your body is housing your soul. It is a divine physical expression of you in this lifetime. Honoring your body through self-care is one of the most important things you can do to raise your vibration. Make sure you are hydrated, eating high vibrational foods such as fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds and getting enough exercise and sleep.

You have to take care of your physical vessel to connect to source energy freely, have more physical energy, and be your best at all times.

If you know there are things you can do to shift the way you care for yourself, do them. Make the changes required to be your best self. You will find that once you start being mindful of what you put into your system, how often you move, whether or not you sleep well etc., you will realize how easy it is to prioritize your health and nourish yourself properly.

You don’t have to become obsessed with your looks or your wardrobe but being intentional about how you present yourself can help raise your vibration. Who do you want to be? How do you want to feel? Think deeply about these questions.

2. Caring for the Mind

Your mind is a powerful tool. It is where you do all of your visualizing, intuiting and manifesting. Take up a meditation practice, read books that raise your vibration through sharing and gaining knowledge, push yourself to go beyond your normal range of learning.
Be mindful of where you place your attention. Find a way to keep your mind focused on things that benefit you and nourish your thoughts with positivity and inspiring information rather than getting addicted to things that deplete you.

3. Caring for the Soul

How to Permanently Raise your Energetic Vibration for Great Manifesting

Your soul is that divine spark within you that makes you who you are. Only you can know exactly the best way to nourish your spirit. It’s about making sure that you do things each day that light you up from the inside out. It might be being outside in nature, painting, listening to beautiful music, dancing, laughing, or reading. It might be getting involved in community projects, going to an empowering class or cleaning your home, and creating a beautiful living space.

If your days are only full of work or chores and things you “have” to do, you neglect your soul. You have to remember to do things that light you up!

When you take the time to care for all these parts of yourself, you harmonize your being.

Wherever you are on your life journey, you can start raising your vibration today. You will find that the more you take small, consistent, and empowering actions to raise your vibration, the easier it will be to incorporate those positive actions into your life so that they become the norm.

Be responsible for your own life by committing to treat yourself with respect and care. It’s the most important thing you can do towards creating a beautiful experience.

Soon, a positive vibration will be your default, and whenever the challenges of life come along as they inevitably will, you are less likely to be knocked off course.

When your vibration is high, you feel good, and when you feel good, you raise your vibration! It’s a cycle that feeds itself, and the way to get it started is by taking care of yourself on all levels–mind, body, and spirit.