Are you making excuses that hinder you from manifesting your best life?

Are your procrastinating or putting important actions on hold?

Ask yourself these questions. Reflect on them.

How are you presenting yourself for your manifestations?

Do you make excuses so that you don’t have to do anything?

Are you saying you’ll do it tomorrow instead?

…or are you letting your limiting beliefs hold you back?

The life you’ve been dreaming of is just there, all you have to do is walk towards it.

Well, maybe not walk literally.

But you can choose to act for it.

Life is short.

You might know that already but you have to understand it.

Anything can happen, so why not make the most of your life today?

Stop making excuses! Go for what you desire.


1. Do Things That Spark Joy

This is the simplest thing you can do.

This is your first step – doing things that make you happy. It could be anything.

It is the better option rather than believing that you can do things tomorrow instead.

Go and read a book today, watch a movie that you like, eat comfort foods – basically, experience life.

The more that you do these things that spark joy, the more that you raise your vibration.

Now, with raised positive vibrations comes positive emotions, positive thoughts, and positive actions.

Start small and you’ll be surprised by what you are willing to do next.

2. Break Free From Your Routine

Yes, this is similar to number 1 but the delight it will bring to your life will be different.

Aside from doing things that make you joyful, breaking the routine helps you step out of your comfort zone.

If you have been working a 9-5 day job then come to work tired and choose to sleep, that is your choice.

But if you are doing this simply because you believe that you can do other things tomorrow or the next day, and the day after that – then you’re not living at all.

You’re just going through the motions… you are sticking to a routine. Don’t.

Choose to live a little. Choose to experience the best in life.

After working, why don’t you go out with friends?

Or aside from doing the usual things you do, break it.

Do something different.

Paint on a big canvas, meditate with nature, or write to the Universe.

Break free from what holds you back.

Make your daily life as exciting and fulfilling as possible.

3. Show The Universe What You’ve Got

When you start doing these things, you send a signal to the Universe.

It’s as if you are saying, “Hey, I am ready now. Sorry, it took me so long to realize.”

And after that, good things will begin to appear. You will be guided on what you should do next.

You will see signs from the Divine, feel your angels with you, and see angel numbers showing you the way.

Show the Divine that you are capable of experiencing life to the fullest and you will soon feel in alignment with your desires.

You will know what to do… you will start taking inspired actions.

And soon, you will live the life you have been yearning for.

So, what do we say to excuses?

Not today.