A full moon 🌕 is happening on November 12 and it’s going to be on the zodiac sign of Taurus.

Taurus is known for its earthiness 🌍. It tethers us to life on earth.

With the seasons changing, the wavering energies, and Mercury Retrograde, you can say that there’s a lot to take in. The good news is that a full moon in Taurus is when life regains its color as it brings us back to solid ground.

And when this happens, we are reminded of the many blessings that are present in our lives.

Despite the instability that we experience we find stability as we get more in tune with the energy of Taurus being illuminated by the full moon.

🌕When the Full Moon Is in Taurus…♉️

Full Moons come and go… but the steadiness of Taurus is unmoving. Call it stubborn, but the bull knows how to do it slow 🐢 and steady.

We all know that Full Moons tends to make us feel the expansiveness of our emotional, spiritual, and psychological states. Most of the time, it can be a lot to take in.

Thus, the Full Moon being in Taurus is a great balance.

The energy of Taurus is represented by the bull. Hence, its energies are strong, reliable, loyal, sturdy, and protective.

The steadiness of Taurus serves as an anchor ⚓️ as we ride the waves of our thoughts and emotions brought by the energies of the Full Moon.

It’s easy to be in the present moment and be more in touch with our senses.

This earth sign will expose you the earthy elements.

You’ll find yourself spending more time to savor each moment. This is because Taurus is known to be the slow mover of the zodiac.

It takes its sweeeet time.

And with that, you’ll find it easier to focus on one thing.

Taurus is also a fixed sign, which means that once it puts its mind into one thing, it does everything to accomplish it.

The energies of Taurus will also help you unearth your natural talents.

You’ll easily get in the zone of work as well and really take pleasure in making progress.

Be In Tune With the Energies of the Full Moon In Taurus

Nothing will make you feel better than aligning yourself with the energies of the Full Moon in Taurus.

As early as now, you can start doing things to truly feel its energies in your life…

Let Yourself Relish in Comfort

Ahhhh… comfort is one of the keywords for the stubborn bull. They love relaxation and simply being surrounded by their comforts. 🛀🏻💆🏼‍♂️

What are your comfort things?

During this time, don’t deprive yourself. Immerse yourself in your favorite comforts — get that massage, draw yourself a good bath, and simply delight in sensuality and sexuality.

Take the time out and enjoy the simple pleasures in your life.

Remain Steady Amidst Emotional Fluctuations

Despite the steady and grounded energy of Taurus, there are some things in our lives that can cause our emotions to run high. And that’s okay.

Instead of being reactive to negative situations, remain steady.

When you’re steady, you will feel more the power of Taurus, which is currently backed by the energies of the Full Moon.

And when you are in that energy, a sense of calmness comes to you that gives you the ability to think things over, perhaps, more thoroughly, that will eventually lead you to a better place.

Take Care of that Bod 💪🏻

The Full Moon in Taurus will shed light on what is real to your senses.

  • Can you feel it?
  • Can you taste it?
  • Can you smell it?
  • Can you touch it?
  • Can you see it?

Do things that will nurture your five senses — and that is taking care of your body. Hit the gym, eat healthier, etc.

Let your five senses work.

Connect With Nature 🌳

As mentioned, Taurus is an earth sign. This means that it enjoys nature!

So, go on.

Bask under the sunlight ☀️ surrounded by the greenery of the earth 🌿. By doing this, you’ll feel more connected to the earth, which is very much like a Taurus.

Be one with nature and you’ll feel lighter.

During the Full Moon in Taurus, honor yourself. Enjoy the simple comforts. Go out there and enjoy nature. Take off your shoes and walk on solid ground.

Take the time to process your emotions. Tune into your senses.

Let it bring more stability in your life as you align yourself to the earth.

The Full Moon in Taurus urges us to get out there, live in the moment, and enjoy what we have right now, no matter how small it is.