Two days after Valentine’s Day, the magical light of a Full Moon in Leo will shine positive energy on us.

This Full Moon on February 16th glows with the zest and fiery energy of Leo — symbolized of course by the lion.

We think of lions as having courage, strength, and poise.

All this cosmic Leo energy gives you the opportunity to find those qualities within your own self and tap into them.

This Full Moon sets the stage for some big manifestations in your life if you use the joyful, potent energy to your advantage.

Want to know how to do that? Read on…

This Full Moon is teaching us to remember what we truly desire.

It’s a reminder to look within and connect with your authentic purpose in life — the things that light you up inside.

So much of this Law of Attraction work focuses on things we dream of having in the future.

But the true beauty of manifesting always starts from connecting to your higher self within.

Let’s say you are super focused on manifesting a bigger house.

You have your vision board, you are meditating and aligning yourself to the frequency of this desire.

That’s all wonderful — but sometimes we forget that it’s also possible to simply find joy in the moment.

Look around where you currently live. Can you find the beauty you already have in your life?

Can you appreciate your home or living environment right now, regardless of your bigger desires?

Can you see that your authentic purpose in life might not be some enormous thing ‘out there’ but in fact, a simple way of living, surrounded by people you love and enjoying every single day?

Sometimes people are afraid of appreciating what they have because they think the Universe will say, ‘oh fine, you’re happy with what you have, I won’t bring you anything new.’

BUT that is not the case.

The truth is, being content with and grateful for the lovely things you already have, acts like a magnet for bringing you lovelier things!

That’s exactly how the Law of Attraction works.

Get in touch with what you love and why you love it.

When you know all the things that are authentically YOU, the things that LIGHT you up, you can become the leader of your own joy, your own happiness, your own manifestations.

Full Moon Exercise

Step One:

Make a list of things that light you up and bring you joy in your life.

This can be as long and varied as you wish!

From your morning latte to your weekly dance class, to playing with your kids or your night out with friends.

When you read back over your list, allow the emotions of joy and gratitude to permeate your being.

Feel the high vibration of love, laughter, fun, enjoyment, and positivity.

Give thanks for such a beautiful life, knowing in your heart that the Universe will always deliver you an endless supply of more!

Step Two:

Make a list of your heart’s desires that you wish to manifest.

This list can include things you are hoping to bring into your life soon or longer-term plans.

Include things as large as your dream house or a new career AND as seemingly small as;

“Watching the sunset with my lover” or “having coffee with my best friend and laughing” or “trying the famous sushi at such and such restaurant”.

Both those lives are made up of moments.

And when you appreciate that the joy and wonder of living are about the perfect beauty of those moments — then you understand that the key to manifesting is in your ability to appreciate everything that makes you happy.

“Most humans are never fully present in the now because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one.”

But then you miss your whole life, which is never not now.” – Eckhart Tolle

This Leo Full moon urges you to embrace who you are and be happy in your skin.

To feel empowered to make decisions, create big dreams, AND be comfortable and grateful for where you are right now.

Lions are regal, they rule over their own lives fearlessly.

When you get in touch with the things that make you happy and light you up, you empower yourself to rule your own life — on your terms. Without fear or comparison.

You become a magnet for all you wish to attract and in the most effortless, fun-loving, and lighthearted way.

So remember, this Full Moon, it’s time to channel that inner lion of yours and be bold, courageous, and true.

  • Be playful.
  • Be creative.
  • Be yourself.

Enjoy these powerful Full Moon in Leo vibes and align yourself with all that you dream of!