If you’ve never heard of angel numbers, then all of this may be very unusual to you.

I’m saying this because each time I introduce these ideas to my friends, they are skeptical and find them hard to accept.

And if you feel this way, I understand.

But it is quite useful for manifestation.

I mean, with manifestation you put your trust in the Universe.

You place your faith in the Divine… why not do the same with Angel Numbers?

Before we dive into the magical world of angel numbers, let’s talk about what angels are first.

They say that angels are creatures of infinite divine power with the sole purpose to protect you.

You may have heard or even prayed to them.

They’re found in most religions across different faith traditions – including Christianity.

Most commonly we see these messengers as having a halo above their head and white wings which allow for flight through heaven, but it’s what many people put on Christmas trees too.

My interpretation differs from the usual definition.

I believe that all of us are guarded by angels and archangels.

They’re not depicted in religion in any way.

We can’t see or touch them, yet we can still sense their presence.

You might also think of these angels as the cosmos itself, the love, healing, and joy that the universe wants you to experience.

In this case, the most crucial thing is that you have the ability to call them.


1. Raise Your Vibrations

Lightening up is the quickest and most effective approach to enhance your vibration.

When you’re in a bad mood, get yourself out of it.

It’s challenging, but not insurmountable, as far as I can tell.

To be clear, I’m not advocating that you do a complete 180-degree shift and force yourself to be joyful.

Simply do things that change your mood to help raise your vibration.

2. Visualize

You must think about your angels. Visualize them beside you.

You may accomplish this by simply shutting your eyes and thinking that your angel is delivering you to a period of time when what you’ve been manifesting is already in your life.

Take the time to feel it.

Pay attention to the smallest of things, such as what you’re wearing or doing.

Don’t be afraid to go into great detail.

What can you smell around you and how well does it feel to be in that state.

Hold on to that feeling. Treasure it.

3. Call Upon Angel Numbers

This is it.

The part where you use angel numbers to guide you to the life you want.

Sometimes when our angels are busy, they send signs to help us make the right decisions.

This is where angel numbers come in.

It’s the repeating number you see on your phone, on your watch, or even on street signs.

To assist you in knowing each of their meanings, here’s a FREE Angel Number Cheat Sheet you can carry with you wherever you go.

Are you ready to be guided?