If you want to be truly abundant you need to know-how.

Just like if you wanted to learn a language, you need to learn the rules of grammar, or if you’re learning the piano, you need to be able to read the music.

It’s not enough just to understand the Law of Attraction in theory, you have to be able to put it into practice in your life.

You have to learn to master your own energetic frequency in order to manifest!

Becoming abundant in all areas of your life: health, finances, freedom, travel, relationships, passion, purpose, career – requires not only an understanding of the Law of Attraction but also of the factors that go into applying the Law of Attraction in your life.

Truly abundant people KNOW these secrets.

They may even do them unconsciously or instinctively, but they are definitely applying them.

Secret One: Being in Flow.

What if I told you that one of the biggest secrets to receiving financial abundance was all about being in flow?

Allowing things to happen easily instead of pushing against them.

Resistance is a huge block to abundance.

Let’s say you are working hard, struggling to put in the hours and really ‘hustling’ to get ahead.

You’d think that’s the way to get abundance right?

Our society loves people who push ahead and are always doing, doing, doing.

But that won’t work if what you are doing is not something you are passionate about.

Something aligned with your heart.

You have to take a step back and see where you are pushing too hard.

Going with the flow or being inflow does not mean drifting through life with a ‘whatever’ attitude.

It means you feel connected to and excited by what you are doing.

You might be able to push ahead with your grit and determination, but true abundance feels so different when it is aligned with your heart.

So if you find yourself feeling stressed out, anxious, and like you have a mountain of work to do before you can ‘be abundant,’ stop.

Take a step back and a deep breath.

Examine where in your life you took on the belief that ‘hard work’ is what leads to abundance?

I am not saying that when you are passionate and inflow you are not working hard, because you are!

But it doesn’t feel the same as when you are slogging away trying to get something done.

Secret Two: Praise the Things you Want to Increase.

What this basically means is to speak positively about the things you want to grow and evolve.

We’ve all heard how speaking positively to plants helps them to grow. Why wouldn’t it be the same for everything else too?

If you have something you want to manifest, a new business, a book you are writing, a better relationship, whatever it is, try praising it every single day.

Instead of picking apart the faults or the negative things you feel about it, make a list of all the wonderful, positive aspects of it.

Give thanks and gratitude for the parts of it you love already.

And feel into the parts of it that you want to grow and make even better.

I recommend doing this every single day. You can journal this or just speak it aloud to yourself, whatever resonates best with you.

Tell yourself, this business is great, I love how I feel when I sit down at my desk each morning to open all the emails.

I love being able to reach so many people with my work.

I am so grateful to be able to help people I don’t even know in small ways every single day.

Or if it’s a relationship you want to improve, focus on all the reasons you get along and love each other.

Remember when you first met, make lists of all the things you have yet to do together that are going to be so fun.

Use your imagination to create the world you want to see!

And praise, praise, praise the things you want to nourish and grow, just as you would a beautiful plant!

Secret Three: Believe you can Have what you Want.

Having the belief that you deserve to be abundant is probably the biggest factor in successful manifesting.

If you want incredible abundance you have to believe you can have it.

When you believe something is true you relax the resistance you have placed in the way of it reaching you.

You go into the state of it being true. You must cultivate a firm and unwavering belief in yourself and your ability to manifest.

You have to believe that the things you desire are possible for you.

Abundant people do not doubt their worthiness.

They know that there is enough abundance in the Universe for everyone.

When you cultivate strong self-belief, you tap into the vein of abundance that runs throughout our Universe.

You get into the frequency that will bring you the things you desire.

Working on your self-belief is probably the most important thing you can do to change your life.

So many of us feel unworthy, undeserving, not good enough, etc.

You simply have to start seeing those feelings as outdated stories that do not serve you!

Seriously, life is too short.

You have to work on cementing faith and belief in why you are 100% worthy of the things you desire!

Read stories about people who have success and are living the kind of life you want.

Learn from them, and try to improve yourself to reach that level too.

Anyone who is living in abundance (true abundance in all areas of their life) did not get there by feeling bad or unworthy!

They did not get there struggling against something they didn’t want to do, they did not get there speaking negatively about themselves or their work.

Abundant people have passion, belief, self-worth, and live in flow.

You can too.