Every year from approximately February 18th – March 20th, the sun moves through mutable water sign Pisces. It doesn’t matter what your star sign is, the effects of the dominant zodiac energy will be felt.

Pisces is a dreamy, psychic, empathic, creative, and intuitive sign. It is also the final sign of the zodiac, and for that reason, Pisces Season represents a time of endings and closure. This energy calls us to close the door on the last year’s energies and prepare for something new in time for the start of the new astrological cycle.

We have just seen the Saturn Uranus Square, which had its peak on 17th February, and its powerful energies will still be felt in the weeks ahead. This alignment could have triggered endings or even shifted things to create new beginnings, and Pisces Season arriving straight away after this planetary square allows us to embrace any new pathways with fresh energy and inspiration.

Reflect and tune in to Emotions all Pisces Season

Pisces is about introspection and tuning into subtle emotions. The energy associated with it is primarily Yin, so it urges us to turn inwards and be still and reflective. This season is ideal for dreaming deeply and letting your imagination run wild as you connect and tune into your intuition.

This energy could turn very romantic when on February 25th Pisces moves into Venus.

This signifies a beautiful boost of imaginative, creative, and flowing energy to take advantage of. It’s a great time to express your love to others, boost your self-care and self-love practices, and enjoy your romantic relationship to the fullest.

February 27th – Virgo Full Moon
Read more about this charming Full Moon here, with a releasing, cleansing, and earthy energy that sees us finding the balance between work and play in satisfying ways.

The Sun and Neptune are conjunct on March 10th. This pairing will certainly highlight the Neptune energies of spirituality, dreams, illusions, and creativity. It’s a day where you can easily pick up on other people’s energies and understand the intensity of your own dreams.

When this creative, sensitive Neptune energy is strong like today, it’s a reminder to trust your intuition, follow your instincts and pay attention to your gut feelings.

It’s also a wonderful time to channel all this energy into creative projects where you can dive deep such as writing, painting, or journaling.

On March 13th, we have a New Moon in Pisces, the final New Moon of this zodiac cycle and full of beautifully creative, passionate, and poetic emotions.
This will be a fabulous time to focus on loving yourself and others unconditionally, as well as starting any creative projects and finding the inspiration and passion for throwing your heart into them.

Mercury moves into Pisces from Aquarius on March 15th.
Mercury and Pisces are not the most compatible as Mercury is all about quick thinking and rationality and Pisces is much more focused on instinct and feeling. This energy can have us feeling a little mentally off, ungrounded and confused, or more in touch and creative than ever, depending on how we have been feeling as we move towards this date.

March 20/21 Equinox and the Start of the New Astrological Year

The start of Aries season and the beginning of a whole new cycle.

Wellness Tips for Pisces Season

Make sure you are taking care of your mind, body and spirit during this time. Create space in your schedule for meditation, relaxation, long baths or shower, and adequate sleep.

Pisces season urges us not to feel bad about taking time out. We are all so accustomed to the hustle culture of productivity and hyperactivity of speed, volume, output and comparison to others.

How to Not Give Up on your Meditation Practice

It is time to appreciate and sincerely honor the beauty and value of deep rest, softness, and tapping into quiet, peaceful wisdom within. This does not mean being lazy or avoiding work, but rather an understanding and reverence of the need for balance and quiet in order to create your best work in the long run.

Restorative Yoga is very good at this time. Anything that keeps you feeling calm, flexible, and tuned in.

Water Activities such as swimming, surfing, and sailing are also great during watery Pisces season. Even just being by water will help to soothe and invigorate you.

Crystals and Essential Oils for Pisces Season

You can use the following crystals to help you tap into the intuitive and soft energy of Pisces. Keep them close to you, put them by your bed at night or hold them as you meditate.

Moonstone – This crystal is associated with dreaming, mystery, wishes, destiny and is strongly connected to the energy of the Moon and the divine feminine.

Pyrite – helps to boost motivation and strength to follow through with making your watery Pisces dreams a firm and manifested reality.

Blue Kyanite – helps to develop intuition, connects us with higher dimensions, and helps us tap into our psychic abilities.

Smoky Quartz – This crystal is necessary for grounding. With all this dreamy Pisces energy you need a balance. It will clear and cleanse negativity and relieve anxiety.

Use Lemon and Lavender Essential Oils

Both Lemon and Lavender are wonderful when used to clear a space and freshen the air in your home. Lavender can soothe and ground you during meditation, and Lemon can give you a nice citrus energy boost.

Either create a body oil and apply topically (by mixing 1 drop of each oil with a larger amount of carrier oil such as Almond).

You can also add a few drops of either scent to your homemade cleaning products (mix with warm water and vinegar) for a safe and effective surface cleaner.

Enjoy the lovely, magical energies of Pisces Season 2021!