Why the Full Moon is important:

Why do I always write about the Full Moon each month? And why should you really care what the Moon is doing? Moon wisdom is something we can all learn from. Whether you believe fully in astrology or not, the energies of the Moon are undeniable. Whether you simply look at the tides on Earth to see how we are affected, or whether you recognize a pattern of sleepless nights when the Moon is full. If you are interested in the Moon’s ancient, feminine wisdom, you can use it as a cosmic tool to help guide you through certain energies and themes that come up and, of course, as a wonderful manifesting tool.

The Full Moon always signifies a great spotlight shining on a certain area or themes of your life. When you tune into these Moon teachings and learn about what each Moon signifies, you can see what is being revealed for you each month. That Full Moon light reveals what has been hidden and if you know how to work in rhythm, with it, you can create the space for profound healing.
The Full Moon is the climax of the lunar cycle, that time when the Moon is located on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun and therefore, it is fully illuminated to us on Earth. It’s often the time when answers or manifestations are given in response to the questions asked and intentions set at the New Moon.

This second Full Moon of 2021 is in the sign of Virgo and is also known as the Snow Moon. Early Native American tribes called it that due to the heaviest snow that usually fell around this time of year.

This particular Full Moon falls in the sign of Virgo on February 27th at 3.17 EST and 8.17pm GMT

What does this Full Moon signify?

As always, with a full moon, feelings and emotions are building to a climax. When it comes to Virgo energy, we often think of the organized person who tends to be a perfectionist and is a bit critical. We think of a slightly anxious, high-pitched mental energy (Mercury is the planet that rules Virgo). Virgo also rules themes of health, hygiene, order and discernment.

Virgo also has a very earth-conscious, cleansing, beautiful, and divine feminine energy. Virgo is connected to the ancient wisdom keepers and healers of our planet, so think of plant medicine, flower essences, crystal healing, homeopathy, essential oils and all connected to the organic and biodynamic natural resources of our planet.

This Full Moon is identifying this time for us as a chance to rest, focus, and be in deep and conscious flow with our energy. The Virgo Moon energy urges us to check-in with our physical bodies, health, diets, and routines, and make sure that we are listening to any messages that come up around how we are spending our energy and how we are nourishing ourselves.

There is also something of a push-pull energy happening around this Full Moon. The Virgo energy of being productive, organized and sticking to processes urges us to work hard and be motivated, yet other planetary movements at this time, namely Pisces in Venus, are also calling us to be soft, take a break and rest.

A Chance to Find Balance

To me, this feels like an opportunity to be very conscious in all our actions and the choices we make during this time. It is possible to feel both excited and inspired by working and getting things done, and also allow ourselves the rest and relaxation needed to fill our creative and spiritual wells.

If anything was delayed for you during the Mercury Retrograde (which ends on February 20th) this Full Moon would inspire you to get going on it again. You may find yourself filled with productive energy, working diligently towards your goals (very Virgo).

BUT you may also find yourself wanting to linger with your thoughts, taking the time to luxuriate in your downtime and realizing just how much being kind to yourself actually contributes to making your work processes being more productive in the long run.

The energy of this Full Moon supports this balance between getting things done and also resting and allowing all your systems to have a break.

Find the balance between work and rest and you will be moving in beautiful harmony with the cosmic energies of this time.

Virgo Full Moon Rituals and Practices



Worrisome Virgo can have us in a repetitive thought pattern, cycling over negative comments from the past and fretting about things in the future. This is the ideal time to meditate each morning before you do anything else.

Drop into your stillness, feel the eternal presence of your higher self and find just a few moments of peace each day. This will truly do wonders for your life. Try to catch your negative, spiralling thoughts before they lead you down a path of worrying.

Plant-Based Diet

Adopt a more vegan or vegetarian diet for a few days around this Full Moon. Virgo wants us to tap into the life force energy of plants, fruits and vegetables. So this is a great time to seek out fun and colorful, health-giving recipes and to take some time off from a meat-based diet (if you have one), by adding a vitamin-packed fruit smoothie to your morning.

Tune into Earth Wisdom

Get in sync with the natural, simple, biodynamic rhythms of the Earth. Spend time with animals if possible, prepare your garden for the coming Spring, get your hands in the earth and spend time breathing fresh air as much as possible. Anything you can do to be closer to nature will help.

Investigate Natural Remedies

If you’ve been curious about trying Flower Essences, or other herbal and plant remedies, now is a wonderful time to do so. Virgo rules our holistic health and the energies will support any focus you now take in these areas. The Earth provides us with all we ever need to heal, so read any books or listen to podcasts on how you can integrate herbal, plant or flower remedies into your life.

How to Raise your Vibrational Frequency with Food


If you feel drawn to decluttering, cleaning, tidying and clearing out any areas of your life, house, inbox or whatever, this is also a compassionate and supportive time to do so.

The Virgo Full Moon gives us an opportunity to raise our vibrations through the gentle, natural earth-conscious energy that arises. When we meditate, eat well and spend time in nature we open our light bodies to higher energetic frequencies and we raise our vibration to fully embody the beings of light that we truly are.