So, can you manifest the love of your life using the Law of Attraction?

The answer is YES, with a big caveat.

You can’t make a specific person fall in love with you. You can’t have a crush on someone and then make him want you. It doesn’t work this way. You can attract the ideal member of the opposite sex (or whatever your preference maybe) but you can not go against the free will of another person.

This is because what you seek, also seeks you and this relationship you manifest must be right for the other person too, not just for you.

Now we’ve got this out of the way, how does it even work?

As you know, like attracts like.

First, you must make others feel the same way you want your ideal mate makes you feel. I know, it’s a strange thing to say but let me explain it to you.

We attract what’s in our heart. And the best way to feel something is to give this emotion to another person. If you want to feel beautiful, then make others feel beautiful. If you want to feel feminine (I assume you are a woman and you want to attract a man but this works for any gender or preference), then make your friends feel this way. Like attracts like and you’ll feel exactly what you gift to others.

There are limits to this but it is a universal law. The best way to attract people who treat you with kindness is to treat others with kindness. The best way to attract people who appreciate you is to appreciate others.

The golden rule – treat others as you want to be treated works. And what few understand is not only that it works, but you’ll end up attracting the same people, no matter if it’s in a social or romantic setting.

So treat those around you as you wish you’d be treated. You’ll attract in your life both good friends and potential romantic partners.

Second, act as if this person is already in your life.

If you create a hole, then the universe will try to fill it. A good example of this is buying clothes that are your desired size. So if you want to lose ten pounds, buy a pair of pants that would fit you perfectly when you’ll be ten pounds lighter. By creating this expectation, you’ll act in ways that will get you there.

Well, so it is with relationships.

If you act as you are alone, then you’ll stay alone.

Start by making small changes in your life. Make space in your closet for your soon to be partner. When cooking, cook for two instead of just for one. I know it sounds crazy but just do it, it really works. When you park in the garage, park on the right side instead of in the middle, as you’re leaving space for that person.

If you do this enough, you’ll create like a black hole that will attract what you want. You’re creating the perfect conditions for manifesting this person


Well, like attracts like and favorable circumstances attract other favorable circumstances. If you’re acting like you’re alone, what are you telling the universe? That you’re all alone and this is what you’ll get more of it.

But if you act like you’re already in a relationship – then what will the universe do? Give you that relationship.

And you can do this in small and big ways. You’d not go in bars to meet guys if you were in a relationship right? You’d not flirt with every guy you meet. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, and it feels like you’re reducing your chance to meet someone but what you seek, seeks you.

When you are finally operating on the same vibration wavelength as the person you’re supposed to be with, then that person will show up in your life and he’ll come in a way you can’t predict right now.

So don’t worry about how you’ll meet him. That’s not your job. That’s the job of the universe to arrange the places, circumstances, people to make this happen. You get clear on what you want, okay?

Another strategy I love is to write all the qualities that this person has.

This means you’ll sit down and focus on what makes this person good. Don’t focus on physical qualities because you don’t know who is right for you. If you focus on looks, you may turn down your soulmate because he’s not exactly how you imagined him. From what I’ve seen, every time I’ve done this exercise, I’ve always attracted a beautiful woman but I’ve never expected her to be beautiful if that makes sense.

I’ve focused instead on how this person would make me feel. Her sense of humor. Her intelligence. Her ethical code. All the wonderful things that make inner beauty. And more often than not, these also come with exterior beauty.

Once you write all these qualities down, I’d like you to spend time and imagine spending time with this person but blur his face out. You don’t know how he’ll look and if you focus on this, you’ll just make it harder to manifest.

So focus on the emotions, on the feelings, even on the physical sensations but not on the shape itself. It’s hard to do at first, especially if you’re a very visual person but it gets easier with practice.

And last but not least, don’t settle.

This is critical.

Decide that your next relationship to be the last one too. Decide, which means cutting out any other choice, that this person is your soulmate and that he’ll be there for you for the rest of your life.

This is because if you settle, then you’ll never be able to meet the right person. You’ll be in a relationship and you don’t know if it will take a week or a year until you manifest this person in your life.

When you manifest and you follow all my advice above, you’ll attract many people. Some will be bad for you. Some will be just average. Some will be almost good enough but not quite. For this to work, you must learn to say no to everything that’s not your soulmate. And this sometimes can be hard, especially if you’ve been alone for a very long time.

But in order for you to manifest what’s best for you, then you must recognize the distractions that come along the way. It’s like food in a way. To have a delicious, nutritious meal you must say no to snacks and ice-cream and Coca Cola. You can’t fill your belly with what’s right if you’ve filled it with junk food first.

You can’t attract the love of your life, the last relationship you’ll have, if you enter the first relationship with the first man that comes in your life. It takes patience but I promise you it will be worth it.

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