One day, you’ll wake up at 11:30 am, on a Sunday, with the love of your life, and you’ll make some coffee and pancakes, and it’ll be alright.”

I used to see this quote all over the internet a few years ago. A lot of friends would share it as well as big brands across different platforms.

I always loved this quote because every time I read it, I couldn’t help but picture myself in that situation.

And I know a lot of people do, too.

We all want to be in that situation. To be with the love of our life. To be with our soulmate.

However, sometimes, life has other plans…

But that doesn’t mean you can’t control your story; after all, you are the author of your life.

So, why not have that Sunday morning with the love of your life sooner rather than later?

You can manifest your soulmate. How?

Be Specific & Clear

I couldn’t stress this enough, but when it comes to manifesting a soulmate, or just about anything, you need to be very specific and clear about what you want—down to the very last detail.
I know it’s not that easy to be specific sometimes, and if you need a bit of push, start with how you want to feel in the relationship. You can even start with how you want their love language to be.

Another thing that would be helpful is to write it down until you get all the details down.


Visualizing your soulmate is a great experience. Take a moment each day and visualize your soulmate already in your life. You can even do this to de-stress.

Remember, you’re the author of your story.
That means you can create whatever image you want!

See and feel your soulmate; create that picture in your mind that can raise your vibration. Allow your subconscious mind to help you create opportunities to meet your soulmate.

Make Room

Consider it like creating more space in your closet, or adding a second pillow to the bed. You can even make time to take inspired actions that will help align you with finding a soulmate.

And when it comes to the mental level, take a proactive approach to remove any blocks or limiting beliefs and thoughts that pop up in your head.

Always believe it’s possible and you will attract it.

Speaking of inspired actions… I will teach you a simple soulmate ritual to help you manifest your soulmate.

Here’s a simple candle ritual you can do to manifest your soulmate:

Prepare these:

Pen & paper

Now, do these:

Find a comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. Do some meditation to clear your head.
Place the candle in front of you and light it.
Set your intentions to manifest your soulmate.
Write your letter to the Universe.
List down all the qualities you want your soulmate to have. Remember, you need to be very specific here.
Once you’re done writing, feel what it would be like to have your desires granted.
Say “thank you” to the Universe and put the letter away for safekeeping.

Make sure you don’t approach the ritual with anxiety or desperation. Just be light and have fun with it.

When you are desperate or anxious, it could take longer for you to manifest your soulmate because of your negative vibrations.

Along with this ritual, follow the tips listed above, and you will be on the right path to meet your soulmate!

I’m looking forward to your stories about THAT perfect Sunday morning with the love of your life.

Love and light.