When you were born into this world… you already had Divine Energy within.

It’s your unique energy that the Divine has blessed you with.

Maybe you still know about it now, maybe you still use it.

But for those who don’t even know about their energy, this is for you.

You see, as a child, we treat this power with delight.

I have this friend who had an amazing manifestation ability since he was a child.

One day, he saw his friend play with a toy car and he liked it too.

He kept on thinking about it day and night but never asked his parents to buy it for him.

But after a week, they surprised him with it. That was the first time he experienced his power.

So, he kept trying it for little things like his favorite food or getting his homework done on time and it always worked.

As he got older, reality caught up with him.

He forgot to use his power often and soon… it was gone and he couldn’t manifest anything as easy and fast as before.

This is true. This happens to most of us.

When we get older, and the reality of hardships kick in, we tend to give into it and forget our gifts.

But no more…

It is time to awaken the Divine Energy within and manifest your dreams just like your childhood days.


1. Believe in the Power of the Written Word

That’s right. Get a journal and write down all your desires.

Do it every single day. And after you write, read it from the top.

Make this a habit of yours until your mind takes it in and starts to believe it.

What will happen is you will be able to turn these words that you’ve written into the reality you have been dreaming of.

2. Take Inspired Actions

Inspired action comes from within.

It’s your desire to do something, or it’s your follow-through on an urge that takes you one step closer to your goal.

You have to feel inspired before you act. You have to come from a place of happiness and positivity.

If you wish to attract your desires – be it love or wealth, then you have to believe that you already have them.

Then act based on the positive emotions that come along with that belief.

3. Tuning into Gratitude

When you regularly make lists of things to be grateful for, you are more likely to achieve your personal goals or make faster progress in your career.

Gratitude can connect us to our purpose, make us see what we are capable of, and give us more motivation and the ability to find solutions to challenges.

Tune into gratitude and watch as your life becomes filled with positivity.

Try these simple tips to awaken your divine power. Do you think you still have it in you?