I want to talk about one of the key components of manifestation that sometimes gets overlooked – inspired action.

While I agree that the universe is an exceptionally magical place, you can’t just sit around and wait for magic to fall into your lap. You still have to chase your goals and dreams, taking inspired action towards making your intentions happen. You have to guide your energy in the direction of all those things you wish to manifest.

If you don’t take action, you are not letting energy flow towards your desired outcome. The universe loves energy flow, positive action, excitement, enthusiasm, gratitude, and new ideas. It responds to movement and intention with inspired action.
So how do you know what action to take?

When you get clear on your intentions and desires, you also need to get clear on the proactive steps you can take towards making them happen.

Manifestations happen every day but we have to work with the Universe too!

I believe that conscious manifestation requires some deep personal reflection.

This is my 6-Step action plan towards conscious and positive action-led manifesting


  1. If you find yourself feeling a sense of lack and comparing yourself to other people’s lives and achievements–STOP. Instead of feeding that victim energy with feelings of inadequacy, make a list of all the people in your life who you feel are abundant. Not just from the perspective of financial prosperity but those people who you see as happy, fulfilled, and living their purpose. As you write the list, think deeply about what those people seem to embody that makes their lives so good.

  3. The next step is to do some deep reflection. What do you feel holds you back from achieving your desires? Identify personal shortcomings or flaws that do not serve your intentions. Think about anything that you would like to change so that your life takes a different course. Try to get very real here, dig deep, and be honest.
  4. 6 Inspired Actions To Take For Better Manifestation


  5. Now that you have the list, choose at least three or four from your list of shortcomings that you would like to work on most. You’re going to develop an action plan each day to work on transforming those flaws.
    Perhaps you feel you lack the confidence to achieve your dreams. Create new ways of working to build up your confidence in your life, whether that be improving your knowledge around a certain topic, sticking to a healthy lifestyle or taking small steps to boost your self-esteem.

    Take the time to really plan out tangible and proactive ways to “fix” your flaws and let your life flow more easily.


  7. The next step is to brainstorm why your goals and dreams matter to you. What is it about them that will improve your life and how can they improve the lives of others? This step requires that you dig deep and find your true purpose in your desire for abundance. You will find that the true purpose behind your desires brings happiness to everyone around you. It’s a great idea to focus on the joy that your dreams bring into the wider world.
  8. 6 Inspired Actions To Take For Better Manifestation


  9. Inspired action means tapping into your gut to know what and when is required from you. The best way to do this is through meditation and developing a sense of quiet self-knowledge. Strengthen your intuition through meditation and you will begin to notice the signs, synchronicities, symbols, and nudges from the Universe meant just for you.

  11. Surrender. This part is about letting go. It’s about finding that knowledge that when you let go, things do come. It doesn’t mean you stop wanting them, it means that you decide to just do your part and let the Universe take care of the rest. You let go of any need to micromanage and you detach from outcomes, knowing that the Universe will deliver abundance to you.

    Divine timing is everything when it comes to manifestation. But remember you are not sitting around waiting for things to be handed to you on a plate. You are doing your part, not slogging away and feeling tired, rundown, but through inspired, positive and proactive behavior. When you approach manifestation this way, you are consciously working with the Universe, showing it that you are prepared to do whatever you can to make your dreams come true!

You will begin to feel more deserving of your dreams because you know that you are contributing positively towards making them happen. The whole process of manifestation will feel like a co-creation between you, as a divine expression of source and source itself.

You can bring magic into your reality.