The Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls on October 28, 2023.

Get ready for intensity, transformation, and heightened energy.

Eclipses come with cosmic turbulence, so you might feel a little unsettled and emotional.

However, this eclipse also brings gifts in the form of manifestations.

Themes, situations, energies, and lessons that have been operating in your life will reach a culmination point under this Lunar Eclipse. 

Here are the most important messages to look out for: 

Personal Evolution 

This Eclipse cycle began in November 2021 and is ending with this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on October 28th.

What this means is that whatever you were dealing with back then and during the time since, is likely coming full circle now.

Try to cast your mind back to November 2021 and feel intuitively what sort of energy was happening in your life then. 

How have you evolved as a person since then? In what ways has your life changed? Are you proud of the things you have done over the last two years? 

Release and Surrender 

This Eclipse is the last in a cycle, meaning it resonates with the powerful vibration of endings.

If you want to bring something to a close or end a chapter in your life, the weeks around this Taurus Eclipse are a perfect time to take action on that. 

Eclipses help us to transform, shed layers, and become more of who we truly are.

Be proactive and use this energy to close the door on things you no longer need in your life. Go forward on the path of your most aligned life. 

Death and Rebirth 

The planet Pluto is active under this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which means its energy will be felt powerfully.

Pluto as well as Scorpio (the sign we are currently in AND the sign Pluto rules) are linked to themes of death and rebirth.

Those themes will require you to confront your shadow side and clear away what you find hidden there in order to step into more light. 

Whatever parts of you you hide from or don’t acknowledge need to be healed so that you can move past that energy into a higher state of consciousness. 


The Eclipse will bring intensity no matter what, so the best way to deal with that is by getting into your body and allowing yourself to FEEL things. 

Taurus is an earth sign so do what you can to ground yourself. 

Start now by preparing with some great self-care rituals.

Things like deep breathing, sleeping well, eating right, keeping hydrated, and moving your body will all help you navigate this eclipse with ease. 

Remember to practice taking care of your emotions with journaling, meditation, and healing work. 

The aim is to take care of your nervous system so that in the face of any big things that come up, you will not react in ways that cause harm to others. 

The Takeaway 

Powerful energies are all around us as we head towards the end of October.

This is a time of endings and transformation. New beginnings will begin to show themselves and with them the hope and positivity of a bright future. 

With this Taurus-Scorpio Eclipse cycle culminating, we will all stand at the beginning of a fresh personal chapter. 

It’s up to you how to fill the next pages of your life.