When I was a kid, I have always felt the presence of spiritual guidance around me. However, I never told my parents about it, even my friends, for fear that I might freak them out!

Growing up, I realized this desire to speak unapologetically about the magic of the spiritual realm.

I knew then that the world was becoming more open to different forms of guidance.

Knowing that I have grown to rely on non-physical guides in almost every area of my life and that there’s always a presence that supports me has given be faith and strength.

There have been countless moments in my life when I’ve witnessed the divine intervention of my spirit guides.

When working with the Law of Attraction, it’s a great idea to listen and feel more connected to your spirit guides, too.

I take it you’re new to this, and here are some basic information you need to know about the world of spirit guides.

Spirit Animals

Spirit animals may be a pet you once had who passed away, or they can also be any animal that has something to teach you. Your spirit animal will typically show up in your dream or in the most random places, such as the clouds!

Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters, such as Buddha, was once human who lived deep spiritual lives and have significant influence. Now, they have a special place as leaders in the spirit world as guides to humans.

Departed Loved Ones

Loved ones who have passed on may choose to be one of your spirit guides and support you by helping you in practical ways, such as sending career opportunities or nurturing relationships your way.

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels–another form of spirit guide–are exclusively yours. Each individual on this planet has more than one guardian angel, and they are devoted to helping you.

You can call on them anytime, and if you ever feel like nobody loves you unconditionally, your guardian angels do, and they’re with you all the time.


Don’t be confused—archangels are different from your guardian angels. Consider archangels the leaders in the angel world—more powerful, and they carry much potent energies. Empaths who call on archangels could feel the significant shift in energies in a room.

Archangels have different “specialties.” For example, Archangel Michael has the power to help individuals step into their personal powers by eliminating fears.

Communicating With Your Spirit Guides

Spirit guides communicate by sending signs to you in the form of synchronicities. They can also communicate with you through angel numbers of number sequences, such as 11:11. Besides these, they can send people and opportunities your way that will need you to take action.

Communicating Back to Your Spirit Guides

Your communication with your spirit guide is a two-way street. You can’t expect the results you want if you don’t communicate back to them, especially if you’re trying to manifest something in your life.

Be Present in Your Everyday Life

To get more guidance from your spirit guides, you need to recognize the messages they send—and that means you need to be in the present moment. Otherwise, you could miss it.

Often, the messages the guides send get lost because you are too caught up in your day-to-day life. Take a moment to catch a break and ground yourself.

No matter how busy things get, it’s important you know how to take yourself back to the present moment.

Be On the Lookout for Signs

The more you watch for signs, the more you’ll see them. Aside from that, your guides will know that you are more aware of them and their messages; in turn, they will send more.

Get to Know Your Guides

When you feel the connection to your spirit guides, get to know them even better. An effective way to deepen that connection is to give your guide a name. Doing so will make them feel more real, and you will feel more inspired to connect with them regularly.

Surrender Something To Your Guides

Let’s say you’re frustrated about a situation; surrender the issue to your guides. By doing so, you will be able to allow fresh insights to come to you while you let guides do their thing and help out.

Work on Your Intuition

All of us have intuition, and everyone can work on it to improve. You can tape into intuitive pathways that you can develop, such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience.

There are beings of the highest compassion and truth that work on your behalf to guide you.

They are not physical.
They are not bound by the natural laws of the world.

Your spirit guides will guide you back into alignment with the love of the Universe.

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