With September’s new moon arriving just days after the fall equinox, you can expect some major changes to come your way.

This is a time of year when we’re all seeking cozy routines and close partnerships, but the planets are conspiring to shake things up a bit.

If you’ve been feeling restless or uncertain lately, this is why.

The good news is that this cosmic energy can be harnessed to help you break old patterns and embark on something new and exciting.

So, instead of hunkering down and trying to resist the change, use this energy to your advantage.

Embrace the unknown and see where it takes you. You might just be surprised at what you discover.

A new moon is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings.

No matter what you’re hoping to change or manifest in your life, the new moon is an ideal time to set your intentions and put your plans into action.

This is especially true for Libras, who are symbolized by the scales of justice.

A Libra’s life is all about balance, and they often seek peace and harmony in their relationships.

The new moon in Libra is therefore a powerful moment for Libras to recharge, journal, and set intentions for the new lunar cycle.

By taking some time for reflection and self-care, Libras can create more balance in their lives and relationships.

So if you’re feeling out of sorts, make use of this transformational time of month and let the new moon help you create the changes you desire.

Now it’s time to know if your sign will be affected by the September New Moon on September 25.

Here are the four signs that will experience the intense energy this lunation might bring.


We all know that hiccups happen, but sometimes they can be especially challenging when they show up in our relationships.

This is definitely the case for you, Aries, as the new moon falls in your relationship sector.

Be extra cautious about making assumptions and decisions that might not be in everyone’s best interests.

You may find yourself feeling extra vulnerable around those closest to you.

If possible, take some time for yourself to relax and recharge.

That way, you’ll be better able to handle whatever comes your way.


Cancer, you may feel a bit rattled with the new moon in your entering your family sector.

You may be going through some changes or endings lately, which can be unsettling.

However, try to stay open to the new perspectives that come your way.

The shifts may shake up what you’ve always known, but they can also bring about fresh approaches and new possibilities.

Cancer, you are resilient and adaptable, so trust that you will be able to navigate these changes with grace and ease.

Allow yourself to flow with the currents of change, and you will emerge stronger and wiser on the other side.


If you’re a Libra, get ready for some big changes.

With the new moon and Mercury retrograde happening in your sign, you’re in for some serious turbulence.

This is a time when you might find yourself questioning your sense of self, and your relationship might be having a major impact on your self-esteem.

You could even be facing a total identity crisis.

The best thing to do during this time is to focus on taking care of yourself.

Make sure you’re staying connected to your friends and family, and take some time for yourself to relax and recharge.

If you can stay strong during this time of upheaval, you’ll come out the other side even stronger than before.


The new moon is a time of new beginnings, and that’s especially true for you, Capricorn.

This is a time when you’re exposing yourself to new ideas, truths, and colleagues.

These could be new interests, career paths, or partnerships that have the potential to further your success.

But you’ll have to open yourself up to these opportunities in order to reap these benefits.

The key is to not get too caught up in the past or the way things have always been done.

Instead, keep your mind open to the new and exciting possibilities that are out there waiting for you.

If you do that, this could be a very prosperous and fulfilling time for you. Best of luck!

Are you ready for the New Moon in Libra?