How many times have you felt a strong yet illogical pull in your stomach or heart towards a particular action or decision in your life?

That is your gut instinct.

A lot of people ignore their gut instincts and stick to logic. Even if there is nothing inherently wrong with using logic, there is something wrong, though, when you ignore your gut.

Here are some gut instincts that you should never ignore:

When You Feel Like You Are In Danger

Why You Should Never Ignore Your Gut Instincts

Gut instincts will always reflect what your subconscious mind already knows. Even if, at times, you won’t be able to pinpoint what it is trying to tell you, listen to it.

When You Feel Like Something Is Not the Right Choice

If you get a clear feeling when something that you are doing is not right, then it’s important to pay attention. Or if you feel like someone is not the right choice, trust your gut.

When You Feel Like This Is It

If you get a strong and clear feeling that screams YES inside you, do not ignore it. Chances are, you probably found what you are looking for.

These are some of the gut instincts that you should never ignore. Now, why is it so important to listen to what your gut instinct says?

It Lets You Respect Yourself More

Remember that your gut instinct is the voice of your intuition. And as mentioned, your gut instinct works with your subconscious mind, and recognizing your subconscious is crucial to better self-respect.

Moreover, most of the time, most gut instincts are accompanied by a desire to follow them. Even if you can’t always get what you want, there are times that you need to put yourself first. So, instead of listening to what other people has to say. look within and listen to your voice.


Your gut instinct is the pull of your heart and a critical voice in your head. Listening to it will allow you to put yourself first, and in turn, you gain more respect for yourself.

Why You Should Never Ignore Your Gut Instincts

It Shapes Your Intuition

Don’t get it wrong, gut instincts are more than animalistic instincts. There are times when your gut just tells you what you already know deep within yourself. It’s because your brain responds to all sorts of knowledge and stimuli as you face specific situations in your life. When you get an instinct, that’s just your brain telling you what it thinks is best.

So, the more experience you have in a certain situation, the more accurate your gut instinct will be. If you’re doing something new, you can still use your gut instinct to ask questions, identify any potential dangers, etc.

It Shows Your Strength

Most of the time, at times of weakness, it is your gut instinct who will push you to get up and whisper that you’re stronger than you believe. If you’re wondering why you never listen to it despite it being there, it’s because a lot of us have learned to suppress it. This is because human beings are trained to use logic and rationale at all costs and that leads us to simply trusting only what our brain is trying to say.

Albeit there’s nothing wrong with being logical, there are times when the brain is compromised due to negative or panicked emotions. When this happens, it impairs our abilities to believe in ourselves.

It is during this time when our gut instinct can shine and lead up the right path. Your gut instinct will show and make you feel exactly how strong you are.