Whenever we learn something new, no matter how long we’ve been doing it, going back to the beginning again and revisiting the basics is often hugely beneficial.

There’s so much to read and know about the Law of Attraction and Manifesting, but the bottom line is that it’s pretty simple to master, once you understand how it works.

Let’s revisit the “magical science” of the Law of Attraction and clarify the basic premise behind creating your own reality.

The Universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies in the quantum field.

In this quantum field, all possibilities exist and time does not exist. That means everything is in the present moment, even those things you are conjuring up for your future.

The same energy that exists all over the Universe also exists within us.

Energy is, therefore, the basis of all physical reality. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity showed us that atomic energy vibrates at different rates. His famous equation E= mc2 proved that energy and matter are two sides of the same coin.

Creating your own reality is about generating your own energy and synchronizing it to the frequency of your desire. Your desire is something that already exists as a possibility in the quantum field. Even though it is not present in your current reality, it is present as a possibility.

What you have to do is align your frequency to it. Whether your desire for love, good health, lots of money or abundance in any form,
the “secret” is not about creating those things but generating them with your energy and actually becoming them.

So the key that unlocks the door of creating your own reality is FEELING your desires.

Why You Can’t Just THINK Positive Thoughts (Because It’s More Than That!)

How we feel is influenced by how we think and it’s been proven that 90% of our thoughts every day are exactly the same as the previous day.

Think about how easy it is to just repeat the same things you always do.
Thinking the same thoughts is our default, it’s what comes most naturally.

Why? Because most of us have spent our entire lives thinking the same things over and over again and by the time we reach our adulthood, we have pretty much hardwired these thoughts into our brains. It’s much easier to remain in the comfort zone of thinking the same way than it is to push yourself out of that familiarity.

The problem is that those consistent thoughts lead to the same choices, which lead to the same ways of behaving, experiencing life and, feeling emotions. It’s a cycle that goes on and on, influencing the way we think until we make a conscious effort to change our thoughts. But pushing yourself out of that familiarity is the KEY to MANIFESTING.

In order to change your life, you have to think differently and in order to think differently, you have to feel differently. All of that takes some serious effort and understanding. Just deciding to think positively is not going to make the change required. Why?
Because all those years of thinking a certain way don’t just disappear because you had one positive thought.

It’s a bit like going to the gym. You don’t go once and immediately have a flat stomach. You have to keep going back, training those muscles, and changing your lifestyle.

If you decide to change the way you think, you will experience a feeling of discomfort because you have conditioned your body and mind to always feel a certain way. If you suddenly leave that familiar territory by thinking differently you are going to feel awkward, uncomfortable, and scared. That is a normal reaction to change. You will want to return to your comfort zone, simply because it’s familiar.

That is why FEELING is the key to manifesting. In order to really make big changes, you have to teach your body to feel differently so that your thinking and feeling are aligned and working together. You have to get past the hurdle of your body ruling your mind.
To move out of your past, you have to teach your body emotionally how your new, abundant future feels!

Why You Can’t Just THINK Positive Thoughts (Because It’s More Than That!)

You do that by generating the energy frequency of those things right now in your present. You think about what kind of behavior you will demonstrate in order to start living your future now, and you mentally rehearse who you will be in this new reality. You
meditate and make an effort to remain in that new energy state all day long instead of returning to the energy state of your old ways of thinking.

You start to feel abundant now, and you make small changes in your behavior and thoughts. You start to love yourself more, and you open the doors to loving life more too. Little by little, teach yourself new ways of thinking, seeing, feeling and doing and your brain becomes a guide to the future instead of an imprint of your past.

It is key to make sure you don’t fall back into noticing what’s lacking in your life. The idea is to stay in the energy of your future, connected to the feeling place of your desire in the quantum field. Every day, change your energy so that you are not just repeating the same old thoughts and emotions of the previous day. You have to work on a daily basis to create and sustain a new state of being.

If it is abundance you desire, you must continue to revisit the state of feeling abundant every day, regardless of the current conditions of your life and independent of the habits of your body and mind, for a long period of time.

That is how it will become your state of being.