It is never a coincidence when you see the Angel Number 11:11. 

These numbers are an indication of divine power guiding you forward.

They are always a sign that you are aligned and on the right path. 

They represent a positive flow of energy around you.

They represent the energy of possibility. 

So what should you do when you see these numbers?

Do you need to take any specific action?

The answer is entirely up to how you feel and what you intuitively sense that these numbers are sending you a sign about. 

However, regardless of your personal situation, it can be an excellent time to get extremely clear on the things that you desire. 

That’s because seeing such a clear and beautiful sign such as 11:11 is like a huge nudge from the Universe to stay on track and keep your energetic frequency high because you are getting very close to your desires. 

Follow these steps whenever you see the Angel Number 11:11 

Decide what you are focused on manifesting right now. 

Write your desires down! 

This is one of the most important things to remember.

You must write down what you are focused on manifesting.

It’s a huge and vital step in your desire actually becoming real. 

And write it with a pen or pencil and paper, not just digitally. 

When you write down what you desire, you get very clear about it.

You connect to it in a different way when you physically put pen to paper.

There is something magical that occurs when you do this. 

The next thing to do is to make a conscious decision to focus on what your future looks like when these desires are part of it. 

Be sure to write down all the specifics of how you will feel.

Whether your desires are related to your career, family, relationships, or anything at all. 

The important thing is to write down the emotions you are going to feel.

What will it be like to live your future reality?

How will you feel each day? 

This is key! 

As you write these things down, begin to feel abundant.

Focus on feeling empowered, in love with your life, and in awe of the magical miracles yet to come. 

You are aiming to emotionally embrace the future that you desire. 

You want to create from a sense of wholeness, from the divine source that is guiding you forward. 

When you combine your clear intentions and high, positive emotion –

you lift your energy into a brand-new state. 

You’ve all heard the phrase, change your energy, change your life! 

This exercise is about mentally rehearsing your future and defining yourself by the vision of what you desire. 

You want to develop the habit of moving into your day, each morning with that elevated energy and emotion.

Eager to discover what’s next.

Certain of your innate ability to manifest whatever it is that you desire.

Totally aligned with the energy of possibility. 

Whenever you see the Angel Number 11:11 be excited, be inspired, and use it as a wonderful motivation to up your manifesting game, lift your energy and move into the future life you desire!