Money is something that we all want.

Just imagine a life where you don’t have to worry about money – a life where you are financially comfortable and stable.

Think about it. You wake up and you know that everything is all right.

You can afford to do whatever you please, go to places, eat what you love, and not have to think that you don’t have the money for it.

As much as I want to say that money is just paper, we need it to survive on this planet.

I have explored many techniques to attract more wealth in my life and one of the most effective is by using the power and the frequency of the numbers to lead me to the right path.

You see, you want to know how to do your money manifestation right and I believe that the power of your Life Path number can turn things around for you.

And I’m going to teach you how you can attract more money into your life with just your Life Path Number.

But first, how do you calculate my life-path number?

It is super easy. Write down your birthday in numbers.

For example, your birthday is April 27, 1988. Then write it down as 4/28/1998.

And keep adding those numbers until you end with a single digit.

Let me show you:

4 + 27 + 1988 = 2019

2 + 1 + 9 = 12

1 + 2 = 3

That means, your life path number is 3.

Next, I want you to read about what your life path number means and how you can attract more money with it.

* * * * *

Life Path 1

People who have this number are born leaders. They always strive for success.

Money is attracted to them and they’re very generous with it.

Money downfall: However, that doesn’t mean that people with this Life Path number are already financially stable. They block wealth because they tend to be huge overspenders!

Individuals who have this number tend to love extravagance and this often leads them broke.

How to attract money: If you have this number and you’re looking for the best way to attract wealth, you have to watch how you spend.

These individuals tend to go over the top, which really costs them a lot.

Life Path 2

Individuals who have this number tend to put the needs of others first before their own.

They are very generous as well. Due to this, they are sometimes left with so little.

Money downfall: As mentioned, these individuals would most likely put the needs of others first before their own.

And most of them care so much about what others think of them.

Hence, aside from not being able to leave enough money for themselves, their ideas for wealth often revolve around what others think of them.

With these, they sabotage their chances for financial success.

How to attract money: In order to attract more money into your life, you have to learn how not to give in to your generous nature all the time.

You have to learn to put yourself first especially when it comes to financial matters.

Life Path 3

People who have this number tend to be a magnet for money.

It seems that opportunities to gain money are not hard to come by.

Money downfall: However, the problem is that they are big spenders as well, which means that they tend to lose money easily.

And also, most of them are really not big on saving. Their happiness also tends to be interwoven with their finances.

How to attract money: To attract more wealth in your life, you have to master self-control when it comes to spending.

Start a savings account and commit to putting a few bucks regularly. Budgeting is key here!

Life Path 4

Money is not easy to come by for people who have this number.

Let’s just say, that to most of them, wealth doesn’t come naturally.

They’re not really focused on the wealth because they are down-to-earth individuals.

Money downfall: When it comes to finances, these individuals tend to succumb to their thinking that making a living is difficult, thus creating negative vibrations.

How to attract money: But as I said, we all need money and if you have this number, you have to accept and understand that wealth will come to you through your hard work and that is NOT a bad thing.

You also have to realize that most of your subconscious beliefs when it comes to money are not always true.

Life Path 5

People with this number tend to get big money.

They are usually entrepreneurs and big earners. Also, they are philanthropists.

Money downfall: Some of them may feel like they have to constantly keep giving in order to earn more that at times, it will reach a point when it becomes too much.

How to attract money: Due to their philanthropy work, they tend to attract good karma that often comes with financial abundance.

So, if you want to attract more money, you just keep doing what you do and at the same time, stay disciplined in your business and budget.

Life Path 6

Money is part of their lives.

They seem to always have available resources for money such as inheritance, family, trust fund, etc.

Money downfall: How to attract money: Hence, people who have this number do not worry too much about money because it’s easily accessible to them.

On the other hand, if you want to grow your money, you have to make investments at the right time.

Life Path 7

For people with this number, money isn’t a guarantee.

Money is not their main focus but one good idea from them can make them a lot of money.

In fact, when they earn, they are usually high earners.

Money downfall: These individuals are prone to financial challenges and most of them think that they don’t deserve money.

How to attract money: To attract more money into your life, you have to nurture your creative side with the use of affirmations and visualizations.

Life Path 8

People with this number are the epitome of prosperity.

These individuals tend to be the wealthiest of the bunch.

However, most of them encounter extreme losses as well.

Money downfall: These individuals tend to be very speculative when it comes to accumulating money, thus, this blocks abundance in their lives.

How to attract money: To attract more money, you need to learn how to hold on to more money.

Try not to give in to the impulse to spend all your earnings just because you’re a great earner.

Life Path 9

People who have this number tend to attract money without exerting too much effort.

They are very compassionate individuals as well, which means that they can do a lot of good things with their money.

Money downfall: These people often have limiting beliefs and thoughts that make them reject money.

How to attract money: To attract more wealth in your life, you need to learn how to save most of your money instead of giving them away.

It’s also a good idea to invest. You also have to be mindful of your thoughts when it comes to finances.

So, are you ready to attract more money in your life?