One of the things that bring enormous comfort in our lives is knowing that we have guardian angels who each over us every day, 24/7.

Guardian angels are assigned to us by Spirit before we were born on this planet. They’re like mothers — nurturing, always look out for our safety, interested in our lives, and closely following our journey in the physical realm.

They don’t just bring comfort but they also provide guidance. Guardian angels also bring opportunities in our lives.

One of the things that will help you connect with your guardian angels and feel their presence more is to know more about them.

I. They Have Hearts and Souls… Just Like Us!

It’s so easy to see guardian angels as a spiritual being… with wings and all. However, you’ll be surprised to know that our guardian angels are pretty much like humans! They have hearts and souls!

In fact, they are highly emotional creatures. They are sensitive to the emotions of others.

So, when you’re happy, your guardian angel is happy, too!

And you know what makes them even amazing? When we’re in pain, our guardian angels may take on some of our pain so we don’t have to feel everything! Isn’t that cool?

II. They Love Helping You!

One of the things that our guardian angels love doing is making the journeys of their humans so much easier, satisfying, and interesting.

Why do they do this? Well, that’s their job and they love it!

They want to be able to help you no matter what. And when you ask them to help you, they feel happier to assist you.

III. They Chose You

Before you think that you haven’t been chosen by anyone, your guardian angel did. This is one of the reasons they are so devoted to helping you… because you are their choice!

They made that decision to help and guide you and most importantly, to pour their love onto you.

IV. They’re With You No Matter What

Feeling sorry for yourself? They’re with you.
Feeling so happy? They’re with you.
At the lowest point in your life? They’re with you.

Regardless of what you’re going through and where you are in your life, trust that your guardian angel is with you.

They don’t judge. They simply see your mistakes just the way they away. Guardian angels understand that humans are fallible and that you’re doing the best that you can.

V. They Know You So Well

If you think your mother is the person who knows you well, then think again. Because there’s another person in your life who does… and that’s your guardian angel.

And they probably know more than your mother. Remember, they’ve been with you since you were born. They know who you really are and they can see straight to your heart.

They know the deepest desires of your heart and your deepest fears.

Now that you know more about your guardian angels, what exactly are the things they do for you?

It’s important to know all these things because it’ll help you appreciate them more. And when you know more about them, you get to tap more into this magnificent spiritual resource.

1)Fights Off Bad Vibes

Okay, before you think about your guardian angels having a sword fight with the devil, it doesn’t work that way. And I think that only happens in the movies.

What they do is they help fight those negative vibes around you. This happens when you’re in a low vibration. Your guardian angels will help lift you up by fighting off the negative energies whether or not you were the one who invited them in your life. There’s clearly no room for negative vibrations for your guardian angel (and you should definitely take a leaf out of their book for this one).

2) Keeps You Safe

Have you seen those videos on social media where spirits save people getting hit by a car or what-not? This is true. Well, I can’t attest to those videos if they’re real or not, but guardian angels really do protect you from harm.

Your guardian angels keep you safe — all the time. They protect you from spiritual and physical harm.

3) Gives Inspiration

Those sudden bursts of inspiration? Most of them are from your guardian angels.

Angels always try to inspire their humans. Thus, calling out to them or asking them for help when you’re feeling uninspired is a good idea. As mentioned, they love to be asked… so ask away! And for sure, they’ll lend a helping hand.

4) Prays For You

If there’s one (or two or more!) person in your life who constantly prays for you, that’s your guardian angel. They not only listen to your prayers, but they also pray for you.

5) Shows You the Truth

In life, you get this gut feeling that you can’t just shake off, no matter how hard you try. You can’t shake it off simply because you haven’t gotten the clarity that you seek yet.

Your guardian angels, when they feel you’re stuck in this kind of rut, will lead you to the truth. They help you see the truth through sensible things. Thus, this brings you to a more peaceful place in your life.

6) Influences Your Wills

Guardian angels can indirectly influence your wills through your senses and intellect. So, if you’re being stubborn over something, your guardian angel can give you a nudge to snap out of it and make things happen!

There you have it.

So, if you think you’re all alone and you have no one in this world, you might want to double back on those thoughts.

Your guardian angels are here. And yes, you can have more than one guardian angel. You might even have a whole crew of angels by your side!

Call to them more often, talk to them, ask them things, etc. And now that you know more about them and what they can do, it’ll be easier for you to acknowledge their presence and appreciate them.

Let them do their jobs – to love and protect you always.