Here’s a technique that really works to rewrite your day and manifest the kind of energy you actually want to see in your life. 

Let’s say you have had a bad day, maybe you received some bad news or you had a stressful conversation with someone.

Maybe a negative interaction with a co-worker or a family member.

If you’re anything like the rest of us, your mind will go over and over these negative events on repeat.

Kind of like a broken record. It’s just what our human brains tend to do. 

But imagine what all that ruminating and re-living the experience actually does energetically.

It literally adds focus, attention and energy onto those negative experiences and outcomes. 

Running your thoughts past the same negative experience over and over again is just a a way to keep you stuck in that pattern of low frequency. 

Do you think that makes you feel good? Clearly not.

All it does is make you feel the same guilt, pain, resentment, shame, frustration etc, that you felt in the moment when it was actually happening, only in your mind you are reinforcing it over and over again. 

Why do that to yourself? You must know that repeating the negative won’t make it go away, right? 

It’s not your fault, our brains are hardwired this way.

We walk the same thought pathways because they are well-trodden. It’s easier. Even though it makes us feel bad. 

You actually have to make a concerted effort to REWIRE your brain from those patterns of thought.

That is ESSENTIAL if you want to manifest the life of your dreams. 

Here is what you can do instead: 

At night, before you get into bed to go to sleep.

Make the decision to REWRITE the negative experience you had that day, and this time create a beautiful, peaceful, resolution. 

Take the time to FEEL in your body emotionally how good it is to have achieved peace instead of stress at the end of the conflict. 

If you had a fight with your spouse, REWRITE the conversation to end in a peaceful, loving way instead.

If you got stressed out over a creative project, REWRITE yourself finding the solution easily instead. 

Maybe you received a bill that made your stomach turn in anxiety.

REWRITE the situation so that you were able to easily and effortlessly pay the bill in your mind.

Imagine that you were given an extra influx of cash, and feel how wonderfully grateful and happy, light and free you feel now. 

This is all about flipping the story so that you SHIFT the energy and go to bed having changed your emotions to gratitude, happiness and peace. 

This is a powerful and profound technique to transform energy and shift your reality. 

The energy will accompany you as you sleep and have an effect on your subconscious over time. 

It must become a practice that turns into a habit. That’s the surest way to see a difference in your waking life.