Wow, get ready for May 23rd! 

The upcoming Sagittarius Full Moon will shine down upon us all with a joyful energy of adventure and happiness. 

If there was one word that could sum up this Full Moon it would be Gratitude. 

There are some serious abundant vibrations ready to be received with the upbeat,

positive and playful energy of this Full Moon.

You’re going to want to put yourself in the right mindset to access everything on offer! 

It’s not every month we are blessed with such a fun-loving Full Moon,

one that brings a strong message for us to lighten up and savor every second of our life experience. 

So how can you use all this wonderful cosmic energy to boost your manifestations? 

The key message is appreciation and gratitude. 

The more you direct your energy and attention towards the gifts and abundance around you,

the easier it will be to feel appreciation for your life and current circumstances,

AND the more positivity you will received from this Full Moon. 

And listen, if you’re already thinking

But I don’t have anything much to feel grateful for. XYZ is going wrong and my life sucks…


Even it that sounds like you, rest assured the power of this fiery Sagittarius Full Moon

will make it easier for you to welcome in even the tiniest bit of optimism and appreciation

for your life – that’s the strength of its dynamism this month. 

If you have only seen closed doors, obstacles and challenges,

this wonderful Full Moon beams a powerful light through and around them,

guiding you forward in a whole new way. 

So how what kinds of things can you do to make sure you tap into that vibration of gratitude? 

Rather than trying to force a feeling of gratitude, make happiness your intention,

and then do everything you can to seek it in all that you see and do. 

Try new experiences, food, hobbies, sports, go to new places and catch up with people in social settings that bring you joy.

Do whatever you can each day to ignite your passion and find fun, humor

and light-heartedness in as many things you do as possible. 

Life is not supposed to be hard,

and you do not have to slog away in order to be deemed worthy or deserving of things. 

Your attitude, mindset and therefore your energetic vibration is EVERYTHING. 

Gratitude creates abundance.

We are conditioned to believe that we need an obvious reason to feel gratitude or joy, but we do not.

What you create in your mind as a thought is all you need to change your entire life around. 

Setting an intention to be happy and simply allowing that to guide you

will bring you a new energy frequency from which to create and manifest.

You will emotionally condition your body into creating a better reality,

simply by choosing to feel happy and appreciate everything.  

Even if times are tough for you right now, the smallest shift in attitude will bring something new.

The power of this Full Moon makes sure of it. 

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to be nice to other people,

practice loving kindness and compassion and just see where it takes you. 

The Takeaway.. 

Harness the positive energies of his Full Moon in Sagittarius to make happiness your leading light

and see how you begin to feel effortless gratitude on a daily basis.

Observe how things in your life shift and evolve when you do this.

Try to keep an open mind and don’t block your own happiness with the frequency of doubt or negativity.

Trust in your ability to change things around and have faith in the cosmic power of this Moon.