We hear a lot about Mercury Retrograde but not so much about Pluto – the planet of transformation.

But Pluto can seriously change your life! 

Every year Pluto goes retrograde for several months,

and this year its journey began on May 2nd,

and will continue until October 11th 2024. 

Key Facts about Pluto: 

  • The planet of death and rebirth. 
  • Known as the Lord of the Underworld 
  • Ruled by Scorpio and the 8th House of Sex, Money, Power and other people’s money. 

Pluto can create huge change in our lives, and always represents a chance for healing the past.

The energies of Pluto retrograde work on deep levels of our being, bring us insights and wisdom. 

Pluto urges us to review the past and make note of where we have transformed our lives.

What has been released and fallen away, what has come to light, and what still needs our attention? 

Feel like you are going through challenging times? 

If you are going through difficult times in your life – aka a dark night of the soul,

you can be sure this is the influence of Pluto retrograde.

But this is a good thing!

You have to burn the old, dig down deep into your shadow and accept the things you don’t want to look at,

in order to rise again like the phoenix from the ashes! 

Pluto in retrograde energy will always expose the things in your life that you do not need.

The falsehoods and harsh truths.

BUT this is all about you creating space for bigger and better things. 

Think of Pluto retrograde like a change to upgrade to your life.

Sure, it might feel lonely and isolating and quite frankly, difficult to go deep and dark into the shadow self. 

BUT when you have the courage to do so,

you guarantee transformation and a new reality that is radically different from your old experience. 

How to Navigate Pluto Retrograde

Reflect back on your life – particularly the period from March 23 2023 – May 2nd 2024. 

What kinds of changes and transformations have taken place since then? 

How have you changed? 

In what way have you experienced rebirth in your life? 

How to Use the Energy 

Face fears and flaws. 

Confront the things you are afraid of, whether that’s looking at your health, relationships, career changes

or even projects you have been putting off. 

Dive deep into your subconscious. 

Do not shy away from your shadow side.

What needs to be looked at?

Where have you been avoiding challenges? 

A time for healing and empowering. 

Find ways to empower yourself and stand strong in that feeling of power and self-worth. 

Look at what is in your life that might be causing you to feel powerless

and do whatever you can to change it. 

Eliminate the old. 

Do your best to release and purge old habits, beliefs, and stories you tell yourself.

This is the perfect time to get rid of all that holds you back from being your biggest and brightest self. 

Ground yourself. 

Make grounding yourself physically on the earth a daily practice.

Stand with your bare feet on grass, soil, or sand and close your eyes

to mindfully connect with the electromagnetic forces of the earth below you. 

Use these journal prompts to help you kick-start your Pluto Retrograde Energy Work. 

  • I am willing to rebirth my life by…
  • I am afraid of…
  • I am standing in my power when…
  • I can release control of…

The bottom line.. 

Use what you know about the energy of this retrograde to really dig deep and excavate what is no longer required in your life!

Believe that it will support you to start living the life you deserve. 

There is so much that YOU have the POWER to transform.

Don’t waste another moment!