For a lot of people, manifesting and the Law of Attraction is about obtaining something.

Many come to learn about the details of manifestation because there is something specific that they desire.

While there is nothing wrong with having desires, it is good to be aware of just how much the ego likes to be in control.
The ego sometimes causes us to get too caught up in wanting, forgetting what the essence of the process of manifesting is truly all about.

Manifesting is about how you feel during the process. Your expansion, spiritual growth, energetic, and vibrational flow. That is what is truly important.

When you manifest from your ego, you are not always asking for what benefits your higher self. You are more focused and obsessed with physical things instead of your energetic connection to who you are.

When you manifesting from your higher self, your work becomes much more about opening to receive rather than asking and receiving. That just means that you are more in touch with your flow of energy, rather than only being focused on what you want to get. The energy flow of your vibration is what matters the most here.

When you get in touch with this flow of energy, you develop a deeper faith in the Law of Attraction to bring you what is in alignment with your higher purpose.

Those people obsessed with making exact lists of what they want might be missing the point that something better could come along. This is part of not understanding how to surrender your desire.

Let’s say you have decided you want this specific type of house and you need to find it by May. When you get too fixated on the specific details of your manifestation, you are not able to trust that the Universe may bring you the perfect house for you at the perfect time.

Uncover the True Process of Manifesting From Your Higher Self

The ability to be open to the magic of the Universe is crucial in manifesting.

You must remember that the amazing source energy of the universe exists within you when you allow it to flow through you and don’t try to force where it goes, you open up to the limitless possibilities.

Relaxing, releasing control, and allowing the Universe to do its magic means you are trusting and surrendering to its divine guidance.

We attract what we are. Your energetic frequency is an expression of who you are. It is through that energetic frequency that you understand what things are important to you or not, by the way you feel.

That’s why so much of the secret to manifesting successfully is simply about being happy and raising your vibration.
Think about it, when you think you really want something, let’s say a new car, you are more likely to obsess on it in your times of stress or anxiety. When you are in the middle of a joyful experience, and truly feeling happy, carefree and alive, you are in that moment focusing purely on the present. You are aware of your wholeness in that feeling of happiness. You probably are not thinking or caring about that new car.

Quick Guide to Manifesting from your Higher Self

Uncover the True Process of Manifesting From Your Higher Self

  1. Check in with WHY you want what you want. Remember the feeling is much more important than the object or event.
  2. If you want MONEY, think about what you want to purchase with that money more than the actual paper or number in your account. Feel the emotions of the joy of the trip you want to take around the world, or the beautiful house you imagine living in. Feel the effects of the joy the money will bring. That’s what your higher self actually wants!
  3. Feel positive emotion and enjoy your life as much as possible now, every single day and in every moment possible. Allow yourself to let go, surrender, and move with the flow of energy.
  4. Connect regularly to your higher self with meditation.