We all want to manifest different realities in our lives. And we create our realities based on our consciousness.

Our consciousness is an energy field that attracts feelings and situations that will empower it in return. However, our consciousness is always changing.

Thus, we must change it in a way that could transform our lives that will give us the reality that we seek.

To transform our lives, we must transform first our consciousness. You can simply do this by accepting that your old consciousness is not working anymore. It’s time for a new consciousness to take place.

Once we accept that, we must determine which qualities we want to feel and see in our new reality.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to transforming your consciousness:

1. Accept that your current state of consciousness will not bring to you the reality that you seek. To help you better accept it, write down the things why it’s no longer working for you.
2. Describe all the details of the new reality that you want to manifest in your life. Make sure to describe it in detail — every feeling, thought, and emotion that you want to feel when that new reality comes in your life.
3. Meditate on this new reality every day until your consciousness is all about that new reality.

These simple steps may require time, discipline, and effort but once you master it, you can easily transform your consciousness for a better reality.

To help you with this process, you can use various tools to help program your consciousness. One of the most effective tools that you can use is the 360 Transformation System.
Transform Your Consciousness & Be a Better You in 2020 With the 360 Transformation System

The 360 Transformation System includes 7 tracks that will help you transform your consciousness for a better life. Some of its tracks are meant to be played and listened to upon waking up while others are during sleep.

Each track can help you develop a more positive consciousness that will make you more abundant. The rhythm in these audio tracks can transform your consciousness, which will open you to more opportunities.

Claim a new state of being by transforming your consciousness and letting of the old things that are no longer working in your life.

It’s time for that much-needed transformation. Commit to 360 life transformation and welcome a new you in the coming new year. It’s the perfect time to transform your lives!

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