Focus is crucial in manifestation.

Setting your intentions and putting your focus on that one thing is, you can say, the recipe for success.

The problem is, it’s not THAT easy to focus.

Every day, we deal with so many things in our lives—either we tend to forget what we want to manifest or we absorb a lot of negativity so it hinders us from vibrating at a higher level necessary for us to manifest.

Whatever the reason may be, this is why meditation or mindfulness is essential in the Law of Attraction (LOA).

I have discussed meditation so many times here, and I want to introduce you to transcendental meditation.

What is Transcendental Meditation

Are you aware of that meditative state when your thoughts are completely clear, and you experience restful awareness?

That is transcendental meditation.

It goes beyond the thinking process; when done right, it is a simple continuation of the flow of mindfulness meditation.

To reach this state, mantras must be used. When you get to these depths, you experience a profound state of rest. It allows you to let go of the negativity buried deep down inside fully.

It is when you reach that state of transcendence.

Is it Difficult?
If you are new to meditation, you’re already a step closer to achieving transcendence meditation. All you need is the right tools, time, and patience to get there.

The good news is that many people don’t realize that the mind has a natural way to go into a tranquil state.

With that, starting with mindfulness meditation and practicing it will help you achieve the transcendental meditative state, in which you become more at peace and at ease.

How to Do Transcendental Meditation

Doing transcendental meditation is actually easy. It doesn’t involve a complicated process.

All you need is to chant your mantra silently while your eyes are closed for at least 20 minutes, twice a day.

That’s it.

I guess the challenge here is to keep that focus for that specific period.

Hence, start small. Do it for three minutes and move your way up.

Mantras To Use
So, what are the mantras you can use for this type of meditation?

Basically, anything that sounds positive. Don’t get too caught up on which mantras to use.

But, it’s better that you use something you don’t know the meaning of. This is because the mind is constantly making mental connections, and if you use a word as a mantra that you’re familiar with, you will connect it to words or images in your head.

On the other hand, if the mantra is meaningless, it’s easier to put the mind on a level of tranquility.

Remember, our goal here is to clear your mind.

To allow you to focus better on your desires.

A clear head will help you manifest better and attract more positive vibes into your life.

A clear mind will raise your vibrations and elevate you higher.

Try transcendental meditation. You can use this to help you get to that meditative state.