Tiger’s Eye is a semi-precious, chatoyant gemstone and is believed to be all-seeing due to its cat-eye effect. It usually has a golden-brown color and is mostly mined in South Africa.

Tiger’s eye is a powerful protection and healing gemstone. Historically, it was worn by Roman soldiers to protect themselves in battle. Apart from protection, wearing or meditating with tiger’s eye may offer an array of physical, mental and emotional health benefits. This gemstone corresponds with the solar plexus chakra and may assist in cleansing and opening it. It also helps in balancing yin yang energies, as well as healing certain ailments. Here is everything you need to know about the healing benefits of tiger’s eye

Balancing & cleansing chakras

We have seven main chakra points, each corresponding with a specific color and area of the spine, from the crown of our heads down to the sacrum. Chakras are spinning balls of energy located in certain areas of our bodies. Our chakras are influenced by our activities, thoughts and nutrition. Our chakras, in turn, influence our physical, mental and emotional health. These seven energy points may become blocked over time and cause physical and mental issues. Our chakras become blocked when we are exposed to toxic environments or people, trauma and emotional stress over time. These negative events and experiences cause us to vibrate at a low frequency. A low vibrational frequency also attracts negative energy.
Ultimately, these issues can manifest as sickness, disease or anxiety. It is important to give attention to imbalanced chakras in order to promote a healthy and happy life. One way to balance and heal blocked chakras and imbalanced energies is through crystal healing. Tiger’s Eye can be helpful in this regard.

Tiger’s Eye is particularly helpful for the solar plexus chakra, located above the naval near the diaphragm. When the solar plexus chakra becomes imbalanced, we often feel afraid, fatigued and anxious. Tiger’s Eye may help in dispelling fears and feelings of anxiety. It also promotes courage and resilience. It can be held, worn, placed in your home, or meditated with. Tiger’s eye balances the yin yang energies, as well as grounds the wearer or carrier to remain strong and resilient during bad times.

Physical Healing

We may also encounter stomach problems when the solar plexus chakra is blocked. Tiger’s Eye is known to help with poor digestion, irritable bowel syndrome and ulcers. It can be placed on the solar plexus chakra during meditation, kept in your home or work place, carried in your pocket, or worn as a piece of jewelry. It is also believed that Tiger’s Eye speeds up the recovery of broken bones and helps the healing process. Its power can also be harnessed to assist in the recovery of spinal injuries. Those suffering from hypertension, heart problems and colon issues may benefit from keeping Tiger’s Eye near or on them at all times. Tiger’s Eye energizes people who are fatigued and physically weak. It also strengthens the body to deal with the recovery process.

It is important to note that it cannot replace medical treatment, but can be used as a supplementary practice to ground you, speed up the recovery process and bring peace of mind.

Emotional and Mental Healing

Besides corresponding with the solar plexus, it also enhances the third eye chakra. It is believed that the third eye is the center of intuition. The third eye chakra enhances clear thought and foresight. Tiger’s eye assists in opening the third eye chakra. When opening the third eye chakra, we enhance our intuition and psychic abilities.

Furthermore, its grounding energy aids in stabilizing our emotions and thereby easing depression, anger, stress and anxiety. Tiger’s Eye also provides clarity of thought and enhances our insight into complex situations. Because it stabilizes our emotions and enhances our intuition, tiger’s eye may also help us with resolving conflict.

Tiger’s Eye can be used to help alleviate symptoms caused by personality disorders and other mental illnesses. It calms your mind and balances your emotions. It is important to note that it cannot replace psychiatric treatment, but can be used as a supplementary practice to bring peace of mind.


Tiger’s Eye is usually worn as jewelry and can protect the wearer’s health by providing the wearer with good luck and prosperity. It can offer protection from ill will and curses when worn as an amulet. Ancient Roman soldiers wore Tiger’s Eye to protect themselves during wars and give them courage. As a talisman or amulet, it may protect you from negative energies. Place the gemstone at the front door or near a window at your home or office to attract positive energy.
This gemstone can be used to prevent sickness and injuries by protecting one from harm, balancing one’s energies and strengthening the ability to fight off infections or illnesses. Tiger’s eye is also used to attract abundance and prosperity.