There are a great deal of people out there who think Law of Attraction is just wishful thinking, just positive thinking. These folks say there are no studies, no experiments, no logical foundation to support Law of Attraction.

And they are wrong. LoA has been tested using the scientific method and proven true, even in the face of its biggest skeptics. This is true not only for LoA but for many alternative health and belief paradigms.

For example, did you know Reiki, which is energy healing, is being taught in hundreds of hospitals around the world? This may not mean much to you but it is for me. Why?

Because people like us had to confront the indifference and skepticism, even arrogance of the medical establishment for a very long time. They’d scold at our claims and say energy healing is not effective. For the first time in modern history, energy healing is not only accepted but also promoted along normal, western medicine.

It’s a wonderful time we’re living in, where doctors trained in western medicine may suggest reiki to their patients and where scientists accept that the law of attraction works, even if they can’t fully explain how.

But don’t take my word for it.

Let me show you three major experiments that were done in this field and which proved that LoA and manifestation work.

Law of Attraction is a natural law, just as gravity.

You can’t turn Law of Attraction off. It’s not a tool. It exists, all the time.

And Law of Attraction, just as any other natural laws, has been subjected to rigorous scientific examination.

In the last decades, they have analyzed manifestation and many alternative health frameworks as Reiki using scientific models.

This lead them to wide acceptance. Reiki is now being taught in hundreds of hospitals around the world.

With Law of Attraction, while there are hundreds of experiments that proved it works, three stand out.

Experiment #1 – The Summer of 93 In Washington D.C.

4000 mediators gathered with a sole purpose – to manifest love and peace in the city of D.C.

Scientists were present at the event.

During the month it happened, there was a 25% drop crime rate in the area.

This shows that Law of Attraction is one of the most effective measures to reduce crime and increase collective well-being.

Experiment #2 – The 1979 Reversing Old Age Experiment

A group of elders, 70 to 80 years old, was formed.

They were convinced to either surround themselves with an environment that makes them feel young again or to act young.

There was a significant decrease in blood pressure, eyesight and hearing improved and arthritis diminished.

This is just of the many proven cases where visualization of good health and positive vibrations lead to actual, quantifiable results.

In a few well published cases, even cancer was reduced or stopped through the power of manifestation

Experiment #3 – The Water Experiment by Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Mr. Emoto set out to prove that emotions can influence the physical state of matter.

His approach was to express emotions through music and communication to water and then freeze the water.

In the first group, he played classical music and expressed love.

In the second group, he played heavy metal music and expressed anger and hate.

The water was then frozen, with care to not influence the results.

The first group revealed beautiful geometrical shapes. The second revealed distorted and horrific forms.

Emotions act as a living force, just as the fire or the wind.

It changes the world around you in ways you can’t see, but which will affect you.

Famous people also swear by the efficacy of LoA.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the ex governor of California and says that LoA is one tool he used to get where he is now.

So does Will Smith and Oprah.

The list doesn’t stop here.

LoA is confirmed and endorsed by thousands of institutions and famous people, ranging from multi-millionaires, award winning scientists and intellectuals, politicians and other major figures.

LoA exists, no matter if you accept it or not.

The sooner you accept it though, the faster you can use it to your own benefit and the benefit of those around you.