April 8th 2024 is a cosmic date to remember.

It’s like a super Spring reset with not only a New Moon but a Total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Aries,

all on the same day.

This New Moon is also a Supermoon,

arriving at the closest distance to Earth as it can. 

Make no mistake, this is a seriously powerful cosmic event.

One that will determine where you are on your path towards destiny,

and one that will shape that path for the next 18 months. 

This eclipse will be visible across North America and Central America,

and some are expecting it to be one of the longest Eclipses of our lifetimes. 

Whenever we have an eclipse it is always a deeply transformative time,

one of endings and beginnings.

Falling in the sign of Aries amplifies this further,

as Aries is related to new beginnings – being the first sign of the zodiac. 

 Solar Eclipses are always considered as door openers, and path showers.

Their power directs our attention towards seeing things in a whole new light. 

This Total Solar Eclipse is pretty much the strongest,

most turbo-charged and potent you can get.

Solar Eclipses are always at the time of a New Moon.

Imagine this as the most intense, activated, and influential New Moon.


All Things New 

The energy around this Solar Eclipse on the New Moon is all about new beginnings.

New moons are the start of a new cycle, t

he Eclipse falls in Aries,

and Eclipses in general also indicate new pathways, new direction, and new opportunities. 

It’s highly likely that you might discover a new way of being at this time (and even up to a month afterwards),

or that you may be guided towards a new path in your career or relationships.  

This Eclipse could also initiate a new direction for you,

or force you to acknowledge that something you thought was outdated and old,

actually needs you to give it a second chance. 

Detour to Destiny 

This Eclipse could also bring fated events into your life,

requiring you to leave things behind.

Eclipses always leave us where we are supposed to be –

that’s so important to remember,

and can sometimes be rough.

But when you know it’s for your highest good,

and your true destiny, it’s easier to go with the flow of change. 

Sometimes what we think we want is revealed to us to be something completely different.

Eclipses have a way of setting us straight.

They can act like a total wild card,

with events coming out of the blue to make sure you are on your personal path to your destiny,

if you have strayed from it. 

A Perfect Time To Set Intentions 

This particular Eclipse is a powerful portal for deep manifesting work.

It is a dazzling opportunity to set some intentions for the future. 

Aries is a very independent,

self-sufficient and pioneering sign that is all about being in the present moment,

and you can channel some of that energy to infuse your intentions. 

Think about making a list of new intentions,

something a little different to what you normally focus on.

That’s because with all this Eclipse energy focusing on new directions and new opportunities,

the best way to direct your attention is on something a little outside of your ordinary scope. 


think about how you an approach manifesting your regular intentions in a new way in your day to day life. 

What do you long to do that is different?

What patterns do you dare to break in order to invite new,

fresh energy into your life? 

Break new ground, do something different, change your routine,

decide to take a trip or just break out of your regular way of doing things without checking in with anyone

or second guessing yourself. 

 You can still set intentions for a few weeks after April 8th,

this energy is going to be lingering for a while as it’s so strong. 

Remember – what you focus upon becomes your reality. 

What do you want to focus upon with this powerful Solar Eclipse?