Recently at a gathering with some friends, I became intrigued by a conversation taking place at the far end of the table.

Three friends of mine were discussing Law of Attraction, or LOA, as they referred to it.

One friend, who is a happy-go-lucky girl, is quite a powerful manifestor.

The other two friends are high-achieving, ambitious guys who believe results come from hard work, not luck or some “Woowoo Universal Power”.

Toni, the powerful manifestor, was ecstatic about the latest gift from the Universe recently. Toni had wanted to purchase a small car, but she didn’t know where to start.

Toni was too busy to go around test driving, so she narrowed her search to 5 different vehicles. Toni explained how she didn’t have the time to research her 5 due to work commitments.

One day, out of nowhere, Toni received a copy of Motor Trend in the mail.

She never subscribed for one, but her partner, whom she lives together with, subscribes to a movie magazine.

They were both puzzled because they never had, in the 8 years they had subscribed to the movie magazine, had they ever had a Motor magazine delivered to their place.

Toni couldn’t explain why or how it happened, but all she said was,

“The Universe gifted me this magazine. When I checked the magazine of the vehicle that I was thinking of buying, the reviews were terrible.

The editors gave this car a low score and said it was a glorified generic car with flashy branding, and advised the readers to look elsewhere. So I decided against my first choice, and now I can look at other options in the magazine.”

Toni was smiling as she said this.

To her, it didn’t matter how or why she got the magazine. To Toni, the Universe was giving her all the information she was after, helping her make better choices.

When her friends dismissed it by labeling it as a coincidence, she wasn’t fazed.

She didn’t care what they thought because deep down, she knew this was synchronicity, and deep in her heart, she knew this wasn’t going to be her last synchronicity either.

These “coincidences” happened to her very often.

Toni knows when you have faith in the Universe, it conspires to provide you with what you want and need.

Intrigued and wanting to know more, I asked her for her secret. Toni smiled and said,

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I never put an expectation on the Universe. Sometimes I ask for something, but I don’t put a deadline.”

“Because if I were to put a deadline on something and I don’t get it, I will become frustrated, angry, and bitter. And I know those feelings don’t go hand-in-hand with abundance!”

She was right! Those are the feelings that block abundance.

When I probed about what else she does, she said this.

“Every night, I follow this gratitude routine. I thank the Universe for something. And it goes in this format – What, Why, and How?”

“So in this example, I thanked the Universe for gifting me a Motor Trend magazine.”

“Then I talk about why I was grateful for it. I said I was thankful because I didn’t have time to research but having the magazine helped me, and it saved me time a whole heap of time and effort.”

“Lastly, I ask how I can contribute to making the world a little better than I found it today. I sleep on that question, and then maybe the next day or two, something will spark, and I will know what I need to do.”

She smiled, sipping her wine, and shrugged it off as it were nothing. But she knew.

She knew that she and the Universe exist as one.

And I don’t know about you, but her gratitude routine sounded like a damn good formula.

Next time you feel stuck with your manifestation practice, why not give Toni’s What Why and How of manifestation formula a try.

If you have other tips that worked for you, we would love to hear about them too.