The ability to express oneself authentically isn’t only reserved for artists like authors, filmmakers, singers, and the like.

Each and every one of us on this planet has a unique voice.

It doesn’t matter how we express ourselves verbally or in writing or how we traverse the world.

What we communicate to the world is a reflection of who we are and who we are meant to be.

An honest voice is our identity, our brand, or our individuality…

It’s possible to see a genuine voice as an externalization of your core self.

The question is, how many of us are able to maintain frequent contact with our innermost selves?

Only a small percentage of us are able to express ourselves honestly, without fear of being criticized or rejected.

Regardless of their profession or role in society — whether they are a writer or a singer or a dancer or an accountant or a mother or a son — everyone can live their lives from a place of authenticity or not.

It can be hard and confusing to see clearly from a place of not knowing yourself properly, or not honoring who you truly are.

Some of us were raised not to follow our real dreams because they were considered too unrealistic or unattainable.

Some of us may have lost our way through bad experiences, trauma, or unhealthy relationships.

Whatever has happened so far in your life story, it’s always up to you to re-write the next chapter how you want it to be.

The reason a lot of manifestation techniques don’t bring you the results you want is often down to the fact that you are giving off a wishy-washy vibration about what it is you desire!

Once you know your voice and who you are, you cannot help but get super clear on how you imagine your life unfolding.

The two just go hand in hand. The more you develop your authenticity, the more confident you will become.

It’s that confidence that infuses you with the positivity and determination to follow your dreams.

The reason is simple, there’s nothing more attractive than authenticity.

Someone who knows who they are and is always true to themselves is like a magnet for manifestations.

These are some exercises and ideas that can help you connect to your deep truth, find your voice within, and manifest your true calling.

1. Let go of fear

Our fears are what get in the way of our happiness and success.

One of the best exercises I have found to do is to sit down with a notepad and pen and just get honest about what scares you.

Write a list of what those fears are.

When you are being authentic, you are unafraid of being seen for who you are.

This exercise aims to get to the bottom of what’s preventing you from stepping into your beautiful authentic self and expressing yourself how you desire.

What holds you back from following your dreams? It could be that you feel you are:

  • Not talented enough.
  • Too old or too young.
  • Not experienced enough.
  • Have nothing worth saying.
  • Will be rejected.
  • Won’t make any money doing what you dream of.
  • Won’t be accepted or taken seriously.
  • Will upset your family or friends.

Once you have made a list of what scares you, take some time to free-write (just write without thinking or judging yourself).

The aim is to write down what you would do differently if you started your life over again today.

What would the child that you once were tell you to do? How could you please the child in you?

Write for 5 minutes without stopping to read back on what you wrote until you finish.

Now consider the following statements/ questions and complete them.

  • If I knew I was going to succeed, I would…
  • If I didn’t care what anyone else thought, I would…
  • I would secretly love to…
  • If I could choose to do anything, it would be…

2. Find out who you are

The next exercise is about getting to know yourself better. You may think you know what you like and dislike, but you will be surprised!

If you follow the instructions, you will have 100 things at the end of this exercise, and you’ll feel like you’ve just had the most profound insight into who you really are!

Write down ten things you love about yourself. This can be hard for some people.

I suggest anything from the color of your eyes to your sense of humor or how you care for your friends.

Write down ten things you are passionate about.

It could be chocolate ice cream, endangered pandas, playing guitar, or watching a sunset… Whatever you want!

Write down ten things you feel confident about.

This could be anything from your knowledge about a specific thing, your language or baking skills, to your relationships, your ability to run 2km… try to get imaginative.

Write down ten things you would like to learn more about. Anything goes!

Art, politics, the environment, the inside of a car engine, how to make bread, your grandfather’s life as a boy.

You will find that you have fun doing this exercise, it can be challenging, but once you get going you’ll discover things you had forgotten you cared deeply about, or maybe you will even be surprised at what comes out during these lists.

3. Listen to the voice within

The final exercise is to get into some quiet contemplative meditation.

Meditation is an incredibly effective tool for discovering your authentic self.

In that quiet space of connection, you strengthen your sense of self.

You increase your faith in your inner guidance, which fosters confidence in the outside world.

Even a few minutes each day of quiet breathing where you ask yourself, “Who am I?” can be deeply effective.

Once you do these exercises and return to them regularly, you will build up a secure sense of who you are on all levels, and your confidence will increase.

I recommend writing daily lists of your gifts, what you love, and what you desire.

You will discover that you are slowly developing a sense of self that you can draw up around yourself like a bubble.

It is a powerful thing to do. It will keep you centered and connected to your authentic essence, and you will find it easier to make decisions, to identify what you want to do or not do.

It will also help you move forward in all aspects of life.

Manifestations will come much more easily to you from this sense of connectedness because everything you speak, think, and do will be coming from that sacred place that is uniquely you.

Have you found your voice within?