Are you having difficulty manifesting? 

It could be down to the simple fact that your chakras are out of balance and need to be brought back into alignment.

Each of the seven main chakras influences a different aspect of our lives.

When one or more of these are blocked it can prevent you from manifesting properly. 

All of the chakras have their own unique role to play in manifestation,

but the Solar Plexus Chakra is one of the most important for really cementing a sense of self-worth

and belief – two seriously crucial elements required for successful manifesting. 

Think about it – you need a firm belief in yourself and a strong sense of self-worth

to create the kind of magnetic, magical vibration that is required for attracting your desires towards you energetically. 

When you BELIEVE you are WORTHY of your desires, they manifest fast. 

Not having a strong belief in yourself, your self worth or in your ability to receive what you desire

can cause manifestation to take much longer. 

The Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura chakra) is located around the stomach area.

When ti is balanced and open it helps you reach your goals with utter confidence and strength. 

It is the chakra that governs your sense of self worth in a powerful way. 

You can lay a stable foundation for manifesting all of your goals

by understanding just how crucial this chakra is for achieving your desires. 

Why Self Worth and Belief are so important. 

Belief is the number one ingredient in manifesting.

When you believe something is true, you go into the state of it being true. 

If you know that you don’t yet fully believe you deserve the abundance you seek, you need to work on your belief system.


Ask yourself:

  • Do I really believe that I have what it takes? 
  • Do I really believe that I am capable of the kind of success/ money/ happiness that I desire?
  • Do I have faith in my power to succeed? 
  • Can I keep growing my belief in myself until it becomes so strong that I feel I already possess what I want? 

Feeling Unworthy is probably the biggest negative belief many people share.

You must do all you can to change this belief for as long as you hold it,

you are holding yourself apart from successful manifesting. 

  • You feel unworthy of receiving money because your parents never did.
  • You feel unworthy of monetizing your creative work because it’s not good enough in your mind. 
  • You feel you are unworthy because you’ve never felt proud of yourself. 
  • You feel you are unworthy because your life until now has felt like a failure. 

The list of reasons for feeling unworthy are long and specific to our individual lives and past experiences. 

BUT as long as you continue to feel unworthy, you use it as an excuse for procrastination. 

If you feel as though you are not good enough,

you create more and more reasons to NOT focus on what you want with CLEAR INTENTIONS. 

Tap into the ENERGY of the SOLAR PLEXUS and heal these feelings once and for all! 

Incorporate the following methods of Chakra balancing: 

  • Affirmations. 
  • Visualizations – such as a glowing ball of light in your Solar Plexus chakra while repeating the affirmation: I am worthy of my desires.” 
  • Meditation. 
  • Journaling.
  • Working to raise your vibration over all. 
  • Letting go of past resentments and negative patterns. 
  • Eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water.
  • Exercise outside in sunlight. 
  • Set clear intentions and be mindful of thought and action. 

You must believe that you are a 100% worthy of the incredible, infinite abundance of the Universe.

Just as every single person alive is. 

You are so capable and the ultimate creator of your own reality.