What do you want to release?

What do you yearn?

What needs to be let go of and what needs to be nurtured in your life?

As we approach the Scorpio Full Super Moon on April 26-27th, these questions are important.

This is the first Full Super Moon of the year, a powerful and magnetic moon that will appear bigger and brighter in the sky than normal.

Full Super Moons are like regular Full Moons, but with even more potency, their magic and influence are amplified even more than normal.

And we will all feel the cleansing effects of this as well as the urge to look at things we have been avoiding.

One way to think of this Full Super Moon is like a bright and powerful spotlight shining on all you have been putting off.

As though the Universe is switching on a giant flashlight right where you need to focus your attention — whether it is comfortable for you to do so or not.

Do not fear what the power of this moon exposes, instead be aware that it’s an excellent time to let go and release things that no longer serve you.

Scorpio is a deeply transformative and intense water sign.

The Full Moon in Scorpio encourages us to go with the flow of change and be open to letting go.

To open our hearts, minds, emotional, and physical bodies to release deeply in a way that brings awakening and enlightenment.

You may already be feeling the build-up of the power of this Full Super Moon.

The watery sign of Scorpio and the fact that the element of water rules the Moon means that our sensitivity to intuition and our higher selves may be sharper at this time.

Either you may find it easier to understand your intuition, or you may be picking up on the energies of those around you with more clarity.

With all this intense cosmic energy, it’s important to be anchored in your heart space, feeling grounded, and cleared energetically.

It’s a good time to do any kind of energetic cleanse that allows you to feel balanced and whole.

Consider working with crystals, flower essences, energy healing, and alternative therapies such as acupuncture to really clear away any old energy that might be blocking you.

Even just having a soothing bath with salt crystals or essential oils can work wonders to restore your energy and feelings of wholeness in your being.

As is the case with every Full Moon — conclusions, culminations, and things coming full circle are often apparent at this time.

You may find yourself reaping the benefits of past efforts, observing things that you have set intentions for previously, finally manifesting or you might find yourself being called to look back over the last few months and see with clarity the details around any decisions or actions you took.

Scorpio is a secretive sign, and Full Moons are about revealing secrets and what’s been hidden, the light shining on the dark and unexplored.

There is strong potential for secrets to be revealed in the days surrounding this Full Moon.

This might not be in your own life at all but in the world and within our societies at large. The potency of this Full Moon can impact the entire planet.

The day that follows this Full Moon sees Pluto retrograding, which links this time to October 2020.

Situations that occurred at that time might return thematically or you may be being guided to release anything you are still clinging to in terms of baggage that needs to be let go once and for all.

Pluto also represents death and rebirth, so it could also be that whatever you may have felt lacking in your life since October last year has not been lost forever but rather is experiencing a transformation.

Uranus, also known as the planet of stirring things up, awakening, and shocking, is active under the Full Moon as well.

This implies something that could occur to shake up our routines, a sudden change of plans, or some kind of erratic event (not necessarily negative, but unexpected).

With any scattered or chaotic energy that you might be feeling in these days surrounding the Full Moon, it’s ultra-important to remain calm, balanced, and grounded.

Instead of avoiding any discomfort, try to sit with your feelings and any emotions that arise and let them pass through you as you allow them the space they need.

This is a healthy way to notice what’s going on within you and try to learn from it, as opposed to just trying to get rid of negativity.

You can explore how this makes you feel individually but surrendering and allowing for greater wisdom and compassion around what makes you feel uncomfortable is always the best way forward to heal what hurts.

I invite you to return to these questions again:

What do you want to release?

What do you yearn?

What needs to be let go of, and what needs to be nurtured in your life?

Take the time you need to journal around these.

Get clear on how you feel in your body, mind, and heart —

As this super special, intense, and intuitive Scorpio Full Super Moon shines its powerful light over us all this April 26th / 27th.