Abundance. We all want it, dream of it, try to do what we can to get it. So why don’t we have what we want yet?

Over the years, I have learned that belief is the number one key ingredient to manifesting abundance in your life.

If you do not have a firm, steady and unwavering belief that you can have what you want, it doesn’t matter how many affirmations you pin on your mirror or how many pictures of yachts and Caribbean beaches you cut out of magazines. Belief is everything when it comes to manifesting.

If you want abundance, you have to believe you can have it, and I mean really believe. That means going into a state of visualization, and feeling what it’s like to be living inside your wildest dreams.

So what do you do if you have a sneaky feeling you don’t 100% believe the things you desire are possible for you? This is very common. Not many of us have 100% belief in ourselves. We tend to feel we are unworthy. We also tend to be hyper- aware of our present reality that seems so far from what we want to achieve. In turn, this lets us feeling down and uninspired.

Developing a strong belief that you can have what you desire is key, as I have said. But also, you must take positive, proactive action towards creating your desires.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when it comes to aligning their lives with abundance is that they don’t do this part.

The Universe is full of magic, and the Law of Attraction really can perform miracles, but you still have to be aligned energetically to receive these blessings.

If you dream of being a musician, you still have to practice your instrument.

If you dream of opening a coffee shop and selling your wonderful cakes, you have to be good at baking and understand the business side of selling them.

If you dream of publishing your novel, you have to actually write it and get it out into the world.

If you dream of a huge fortune, aside from winning the lottery or inheriting it, you have to think about how you will make lots of money in your life, be it through a new venture or wise investment, etc.

I am not denying the wonderful way the Universe has of delivering us our dreams or allowing money to fall into our laps from unexpected sources, because that is all true.
BUT what I am saying is, there’s a part for you to play too! When you follow your passion, what lights you up and makes you excited and inspired to be alive – you are far more likely to cultivate the strong belief needed to manifest great abundance.

There’s no shortcut to the aligned action and discipline that is required for great success.

Now, some people might hear the word discipline and run a mile. Perhaps you associate it with punishment, or strict school teachers. I want you to change your relationship with discipline. You have to start seeing it as your best friend in terms of your path to abundance.

Discipline is what makes you excited about what you are doing. Discipline is what cultivates belief in yourself. Discipline is what turns dreams into reality.

I’m not talking about the 50 push-ups a day and cold showers kind of discipline (although if that’s your jam, go right ahead!). I’m talking about having the consistency to work every single day on furthering your dreams, no matter what. On dedicating the time and making an effort to push yourself a little harder towards your passion.

You have to be doing your all to make your dreams come true, and when you put that extra effort in, you find yourself more alive, inspired, awake and excited than ever before.

And that’s precisely the kind of high-vibrational energy frequency that aligns you with the coincidences, synchronicities, and miracles of the Universe!

Think about it – at the heart of every success story is passion and discipline.

So make sure that you are doing the following:

  • Dedicating time towards furthering your dreams every single day.
  • Prioritizing what matters to you and saying no to things that eat away at that precious time.
  • Developing a strong focus on your goals and becoming aware of how often you are distracted.
  • Give time to your vision, make sure you are following your passion.
  • Boost your beliefs and positive thinking.
  • Become fixated on the outcome you desire, and train yourself to see success.
  • Don’t allow limiting beliefs to take over your mindset. If you know where you lack in certain areas, learn how to become an expert in them instead.
  • There’s nothing you cannot try and improve in your life.

    I used to be terrible at time management! I’m serious, I’d never understand where my time went. Until I decided I was fed up with using that as an excuse, and instead I got really good at understanding time. I educated myself on how long things take. I read books on time management and productivity. I became an expert in maximizing my time.

    This is a process by the way! You will always be learning about your habits, improving your focus and productivity as you go along. That is part of the plan.

    The Universe loves positive, passionate action. When you meet the Universe halfway, you feel great about yourself.

    You know that you are doing your part to make your life reflect your dreams.

    Go on..what are you waiting for?! This is your sign to chase your dreams.