In order to let the Law of Attraction work and turn your desires into reality, the first thing you need to do is change your perspective from one of scarcity to one of abundance…

But that’s not the only thing you should do and you shouldn’t just stop there.

In the end, the principle of attraction does not work like a magic wand.

And as much as we want to be that easy, we still need to do some things to let LOA do its job.

You see, our mindset is just one of the things we have to change.

You also have to acknowledge your limiting beliefs, your old habits that no longer serve a purpose in your manifestations.

That’s why it’s time to replace those old habits with new ones.

Habits that are both good for the soul and good for your manifestations.

I’ve actually learned about some of these habits from my dear friends who rose from rugs to riches.

The abundance he has in his life right now didn’t happen overnight.

He made it happen through these habits.

1. Create A Worry List

Got you there, didn’t I? What’s a worry list?

And why are you hearing this now? Perhaps you are so used to keeping a gratitude list that this sounds foreign to you.

And maybe you’re wondering why would I keep a list of things that are negative and that worries me?

Well, a worry list works like this. You write down all the things that worry whenever it pops in your head.

Even as you’re working, cooking, or doing anything, the moment it comes to you, write it down. Now, do these for one week.

At the end of that week, read all that you’ve written.

What happens here is that you learn about your thought patterns and you can distinguish which thoughts are worth acknowledging and which thoughts need to be let go of.

2. Move Your Body

This one is really simple.

They say that moving your body helps release stress and with less stress, you can focus on your manifestations more.

Moving your body is doing physical activity that makes you feel good.

It could be dancing, yoga, or simply going on a stroll at the park near you.

3. When In Doubt, Write

When you are going through difficult times and can’t seem to find your reason as to why you’re doing this and that, write your doubts.

On a piece of paper, create two columns or simply fold it in half.

On the right side, write what you want to manifest. Write about your dream life.

On the left side, write down your doubts until you can’t write anymore.

And then… draw an arrow for each doubt you have written and connect it to your “why”.

This habit will help you strengthen your belief in yourself and in your desire.

4. Be Mindful Where Your Focus Goes

Your thoughts can be easily swayed by what’s happening around you.

And if you’re an empath and you can feel the energies of people surrounding you, then this habit is definitely for you.

It’s time to create your own mind game. Think of a word that makes you happy.

It could be any word that leads to happy thoughts or memories… some words that are nice to use would be sunflower, family, sunshine, etc.

Now, whenever you feel negative thoughts coming in, think of that word and allow it to shift your focus to positivity instead.

5. The Abundance Habit

It is time to think that you already manifested your desires.

This isn’t just visualization. This is visualization in action.

If you want to be a rich person with millions of dollars, you have to think that you are already one.

This isn’t to mean that you have to be reckless with your money.

It’s all about tuning into the emotions around the idea that your desires have already become your reality.

It is as if… abundance has already become you.

What do you think about these habits – which one are you willing to try first?