Did you know that your emotions play a significant role in manifesting what you want in life?


Emotions are the power of the mind and they influence our energy.

Manifestation isn’t about how you think, it’s about how you feel. The more you experience the feeling of having the things that you desire, the more it will come to you.

Every emotion is important in your manifestation journey — the high and the low.

I’ve said this a million times, everything in life is vibration and you attract things that you resonate with. Your vibration is your emotions; it’s these emotions that attract the experiences in your life.

Before we dive deeper into how to use your emotions in manifesting, you have to be aware of the three main states of vibration that you can resonate at:

Unhappiness – the lowest state of vibration, at this state you feel depressed, bored, angry, overwhelmed, helpless, etc. At this state, you tend to create negative and sad realities.
Monotony – the mid-level of vibration, you operate on autopilot. You do things in your life only because you have to and the world seems boring and cloudy to you. When you’re at this frequency level, you tend to create the same old thing in your life. You do the things that encourage more monotony in your life.
Joy – the highest state of vibration, at this state you feel alive. You act on inspiration. When you’re at this frequency, you attract the things that you desire.

Keep in mind that anything in motion will continue in motion. When you feel like you’ve been living a monotonous life, whose fault is it? Can you blame anyone?


It’s because you allow it to happen. The first step to change your life is to become aware of what needs to change.

Awareness may take time — in fact, there are people who are aware of the things that need to change in their lives but they don’t do anything about it.

It’s because the second step to change your life for the better is to take action to make it happen. When you don’t do anything about it, your subconscious becomes used to the awareness that it gets buried there. There’s no stimulation anymore. The brain and the body are used to knowing but it doesn’t do anything about it because most of the time, it’s the fear of change.

Always remember, fear cannot create the reality that you want. Instead, it will limit you in many ways that will push you deeper down the rabbit hole.

It’s time to snap out of it and transmute your emotions to use them for manifestation.

How to Effectively Use Emotions for Manifestation

The Power of Emotions for Manifestation

One of the most effective ways to use emotions to manifest what you want in life is to know that you can use them. This will let you be more conscious of negative thoughts and eliminate them from your life. Or, as soon as you become aware of the negative emotions, transmute them to positive emotions.

Second, you have to be fully aware of your feelings. Keep in mind that your thoughts and emotions are vital for creating your own reality and controlling your life.

Third, make a decision not to go with the flow. Take control of your life by having a firm grasp on your emotions.

And the last, and most important step of all, is to take action. One day at a time, replace your thoughts with positive ones. When you think it, you feel it.

Focus on Positive Emotions

The Power of Emotions for Manifestation

Focus on the things that make you happy. Visualize how you would feel if your desire is here now, let yourself feel the joy, excitement, and happiness.

Be consistent with your positive emotions. When you have positive emotions, your vibrations will rise. And the higher vibrations you have, the higher speed of motion of manifestation. Keep in mind that things take longer to manifest in the physical realm when you’re at a lower vibration.

Hence, you have to be consistent in nurturing positive emotions to let the energies move quick.