The number energy for June is a nine energy and the nine is all about endings, completion and letting go. This is particularly auspicious knowing that next month, July is eclipse season which brings a new beginning, so whatever you are letting go of this month is perfectly timed for creating something new. 


Does that scare you? It’s 100% normal to feel anxious about the idea of endings and loss but does not succumb to that fear because letting go this month is really about clearing space for what is wanted.  You need to let go of whatever it is that is holding you back from stepping into your true purpose and happiness. 


What needs to end?

Only you can really know what that thing is that you need to release. It’s likely to be some kind of emotional habit or pattern of thought or behavior that you have really clung to over time, a state of being that no longer serves your highest purpose. In fact, it detracts from it, wasting your time and not allowing you to step into your brightest future. You’ve been repeating it for whatever reason but if you choose to let go of it now in June, you will see brand new beginnings emerging as a result as soon as July. 


June is here to help you.

Think of June as a magic tool that is coming to your aid to help you release that ‘thing’. June is preparing you on all different levels for the big changes that will occur in July. If you surrender and flow with these changes with an attitude of acceptance, you will find life to be a smoother ride. 

Magic Numbers 

In Numerology, Three, Six and Nine are part of an emotional triad and they are all present this month. We are in a three year (2019 2+0+1+9 = 12 then 1 + 2 = 3) June is the sixth month and that together adds up to nine as the universal month. 


The three year is all about renewal and self-expression. It’s about shining your own light, beaming it around your world and moving into your souls’ true calling. 


So the releasing and letting go has to do with emotional habits that keep you anchored to your past and in a perpetual cycle of anxiety and worry. It’s about letting go of an old version of yourself, an outdated character that dwells on negativity and pessimism. You may feel the urge to make some radical changes, do this consciously and with love for the process.


Look at your Choices.

This will look very different for everyone. It could be a rehaul of your attitude towards your work, relationships, friendships or lifestyle. You will intuitively know what area of your life needs a positive change, just identify where you have choices to make. You can choose to carry on in the old way of doing things or you can find new ways of being and doing which speak to the person you truly are and want to be. 


June is also Gemini season, which emphasizes communication, socializing and new activities. Gemini is also all about making choices that raise you to your higher self. Later in June, there is a full moon in Sagittarius which has wonderfully optimistic energy that is going to help you move towards a bright future. All of the astrological and numerological aspects of June blend perfectly together to assist you on this journey of self-discovery and self-realization. 


To Summarise:

June is about letting go and releasing to make space for the new. 

You can help this manifest in your own life by getting clear on what you want to release and how you would like to start doing things differently. 

Ask yourself who you would like to become? 

Get really honest about where you are currently at with that. 

Take stock of your life and identify where changes can be made and old behaviors can be worked on for release. 

Start seeing yourself as already being that new version of yourself. 

Use visualization and meditation to cement this vision. 


Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same. Remember that when you get frustrated and use it as inspiration to get back on track of what you want. 


Numerology for June 2019

2019 is a three year (2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 and then 1 + 2 = 3)

June is the sixth month. Add three and six and you get nine. 

The numerology energy for June is NINE

NINE is about completions, endings and letting go and making space

For what you want to manifest.

June is calling you to release an old pattern in favor of a more beneficial one

To let go of the past, of habits, thoughts and behaviors that belong to an old version of you

June calls you to start doing things differently. Commit to yourself. 

The NINE energy is here to help you manifest 

The THREE Energy of the year is here to help you express your soul

Together these energies are wonderful tools for your personal rebirth 

June wants you to step into your bright future 

Do so with dedication, for as soon as July you can reap the rewards.

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