Manifestation has been an internet craze since 2020.

People have been trying to study it and put it into practice. Why not, right?

We all want to live the life we deserve and if manifestation can give that then it’s surely worth the try.

But have you experienced its magic?

Manifesting is the practice of thinking positive and aspirational thoughts with the hopes of turning them into reality.

It is bringing tangible things into your life through attraction.

It can be done through meditations, affirmations, visualizations, and scripting.

Here are the 3 steps to manifesting successfully.

1. Ask

Before asking what you want from the Universe, you must be clear with your intentions.

Decide on what you want and don’t be afraid to be specific about it.

After you’re done, it is time to have a talk with the Divine.

Set aside 15minutes of your time to have an honest conversation with the Universe.

Say what you want and state the ‘why’ behind your desires.

2. Believe

This might sound like the easy part but not really.

When you want something, it’s important to be firm in your belief.

Do not be disheartened if it doesn’t happen right away.

You can set a goal date for your manifestation but it will always happen at the right time.

Don’t give in to negative beliefs that stir you away from your desires.

Believe in what you want and believe in your power as a manifestor.

3. Receive

Receiving your desires is all about trusting the process.

You must surrender control to the Universe.

This isn’t about waiting. It’s about creating the necessary actions for your desires.

Move for your goals and believe that what you are doing brings you closer to the life you want.

But if you really want to manifest the life of your dreams… there is a shortcut.

It involves doing small experiments that will hone your power and energy as a manifestor.

It trains your mind to build up the confidence you need to succeed and receive abundance.

It’s called the 7 Magic Energy Experiments.

Each experiment is a step towards greater things.

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7 Magic Energy Experiments