I am sure you have heard of the Law of Polarity.

The law of polarity states that everything has an opposite.

Everything in the Universe is two-sided. That also means everything in our lives is dual in nature.

Additionally, two opposites will always exist on the same plane.

When there is sadness, there is happiness…

When there is destruction, there is creation…

When there is hate, there is love…

When there is scarcity, there is abundance…

Are you following?

Now, you’re probably wondering what the law of polarity has to do with your manifestation process.

It is simply telling you that there is always a positive for every negative thing in your life.

And I’m telling you, the road to manifestation isn’t a walk in the park.

Also, you only have a positive desire.

And in the law of polarity, it comes with a negative desire. So, what’s the problem?

It’s important to know about the law of polarity because it’s always at play, and in the law of attraction, what you focus most on the most will show up in your reality.

Combine these two laws together, and you get something like this:

Intention > focus > attract the WHOLE situation.

What does that mean?

You attract the opposite of what you desire, too!

Now let’s talk about the Law of Reverse Polarity? Using this law, you can manifest the life of your dreams!

Why and how? You see, in the Law of Polarity, a negative side always exists.

Two opposites fall into the same space. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

So, what does this universal law have to do with your manifestation?

It means that for every negative thing in your life, a positive side exists.

This is true because no matter what it is you’re trying to manifest, chances are, you are also manifesting the opposite.

If you want to attract tons of money into your life and yet you have limiting beliefs holding you back, you are the one stopping your manifestation journey from happening.

What you can do is focus eliminate any limiting belief that you have.

I can’t do this / I am not worthy / I don’t have the abilities / I don’t deserve good life – these are what bind you to your current situation.

If you open yourself to the Universe and learn to surrender, you will know that manifesting is easy.

It only needs your pure intention, positive mindset, intense focus, and determination. Simply…

ASK, BELIEVE, and you shall RECEIVE.

The Law of Reverse Polarity

This states that when both things are matched, then nothing can go wrong.

If you just get rid of what has been holding you back, you can finally live the life you deserve.

Reverse Polarity is a technique that can be used for individuals who have difficulty breaking out of the negative cycle.

Sometimes we all need something to pull us back from an abyss, something to help us break free, which is why reverse polarity must take place.

Use reverse polarity to guide you into making your manifestations come true, and we are happy to share a way to do it.

Are you willing to try the Law of Reverse Polarity?