I’d like to think of life as a pipe through which water flows.

Stay with me, I’ll explain to you. Think of this pipe. Water flows and each time you turn on the faucet, it will pour into your sink.

But what happens if you throw something down the pipe? The water pressure will drop. It will take more for the same water to flow. And if you throw enough obstacles, then the entire pipe will be clogged.

This means that when you’ll turn on your shower or your kitchen faucet, nothing will come in. The water is still there but since there is an obstacle on the pipe, it will stay there and there isn’t much you can do.

This is a good metaphor for life.


Because destiny works the same way. You have joy and happiness and love flowing through your life. The universe wants you to be happy. The universe wants you to experience a blessed life. But if you throw enough obstacles in its way, you stop manifesting these things. The universal energy that allows you to manifest miracle is not available to you anymore.

What things I’m talking about?

Negativity. Stress. Hate and hatred. Despair. Anger. Feelings of revenge.

These emotions are in your life just as trash is in a pipe. They block everything. They stop the flow. And if it overwhelms you with negative emotions, no matter how much you work, no matter how much you try to manifest, you can not.

You can do everything hard.

You can act.

You can even think positively or at least, force yourself to do so.

But if you throw an obstacle against your energy that allows you to manifest miracles in life, then nothing can help you. You’ll forever be a magnet for bad luck and for pain.

This is the reason it seems people can get everything they want doing nothing. The energy of the universe is flowing through their lives and things just happen, effortlessly. This is also the reason some are working hard, hustling, stressing themselves, putting themselves in an early grave and never, I mean, never anything good happens to them.

This is the rule of the universe. If you throw a big enough rock in front of a river, it will stop flowing. If you throw enough negative emotions in your life, you’ll stop manifesting miracles because the energy that you need to attract, to manifest these, will be gone.

So what should you do?

There are three ways to unclog the flow of existence, the intangible, all present energy you need to manifest miracles. If you do only one, you’ll see results fast. If you do all three, you’ll become a magnet for everything your heart desires.

Number One – Go on an emotional energy diet.

If you look around you, you’re surrounded with negativity. Open the TV and you’ll hear how people died in the Middle East. Open the newspaper and you’ll see everything wrong in your country.

So many amazing things happen each day yet they get none media coverage. Why? Because the media is a business and the only way to sell products is to scare people into buying them. Happy people need not spend all their money because they’re happy. You need to make them first sad and upset and then sell their products to make them feel better.

The TV, Instagram, Facebook, are a huge source of emotional pain. They make you feel scared or anxious or not enough. No matter who you are, if you look on Instagram, you’ll see someone living the good life, making you feel not good enough.

You are good enough and you’ll realize this too, as soon as you go on an emotional energy diet. Once you stop feeding your mind and heart with all this negativism and envy, the feelings of joy and love can flow again.

I can say the same about negative people.

Energy is contagious and if you spend your time with unlucky people, who are always in pain, guess what? You’ll become unlucky too.

This doesn’t mean that you should not help them or not care about anyone. I’m saying that if you can help, help but if you can’t, stay away. A negative emotional state is just as contagious as the flu. You would not stay close to someone who can make you sick but you freely accept to spend time around people that ruin your energy field. Something to think about, isn’t it?

Number Two – Get clear on what you want.

The rules of the universe are simple. Don’t worry about the how. You have no idea how the universe will manifest what you desire.

Think about it. How often you wanted something, you’ve got it but the way you received it differed totally from what you expected? This happens all the time. I end up receiving my blessings from places and circumstances that were unexpected.

I may even go as far to say it never happens according to how I plan or how the old saying goes “man plans and God laughs”.

It’s not your job to come with the “how” for your manifestation goals. It’s your job to get very clear on what you desire. To know exactly, to visualize it, to make it real in your mind. Then just let the universe put in your path the people, the circumstances, the scenarios you need to make this happen.

This is one of the most common mistakes I’ve seen with those who are beginners in manifestation. Don’t make it too. The how is never important. Even if you decide on the how, it will happen in a very different way than you expect. Thinking of a how will hurt you because it will make you blind of all the circumstances and opportunities around you.

Just get very clear on what you want and trust the universe, place your absolute faith that the pieces will fall into place and that you’ll manifest the outcome you desire.

Number Three – Use brainwave entrainment.

Brainwave entrainment can do for you in hours what you’d normally spend days alone to achieve. This is because when you face your brain to certain frequencies, especially healing ones like 432 HZ, you change the rate at which it vibrates.

You are literarily eliminating all the pain and the suffering from your soul, so the energy of the universe can flow freely through you.

How it works is not fully known. It’s just known, and millions of people use it to heal and to manifest their desires. It is even used by some doctors and wellness centers, and it is being accepted into the mainstream medical community.

Basically, if you listen to brainwave entrainment, you “clean” your brain of all the negativity and pain and suffering that may come from your day-to-day circumstances and from other people.

And for a brainwave entrainment program, there is no other I can suggest apart from my own “Manifestation Magic”.


Because “Manifestation Magic” is the only program on the marketplace that does two things and does them well. First, it uses all the solfeggio scales. These are the divine sound scales and these tones are healing and empowering you. Basically, from all the frequencies that your mind can listen, these will bring you the best results.

When you listen to one of the solfeggio scale, as 432 HZ, the favorite scale of past composers like Beethoven, you are healing from the inside out. It is pure healing in the form of sound and you can use these to eliminate all the negative emotions in your life while also healing your body from stress or disease.

The second thing “Manifestation Magic” does is to use NLP. Neuro-linguistic programming is the best tool from psychology to help you change who you are. With “Manifestation Magic” it helps you become more confident, more assertive, more joyful. It works by programming your subconscious mind with new commands and if you want your changes to be long term, this is the way to go.

Manifestation Magic” is one of the best if not the best brainwave entrainment and self-development programs on the marketplace. If you feel you are a magnet for misfortune and that no matter what you do, you can’t get ahead in life, then your life energies are not flowing. Use “Manifestation Magic” today to change this and use the other two strategies to overcharge your results.