What does a Full Moon Represent?

Working with the lunar cycles greatly boosts your chances of manifesting. The moon and its phases are a cosmic tool to support your endeavours in creating a positive life. When you time your manifestation rituals with the waxing and the waning of the moon, you are tapping into a powerful force!

Each full moon marks the climax of the monthly lunar cycle. It’s the culmination of energies which have been building up as the moon grows to full. It’s also culmination time for all negative patterns, upsets and toxic thoughts, people or situations.  

That’s why full moons are the perfect time to release, clear the slate and let go of what no longer serves in order to create space for your desires to manifest. The full moon literally and metaphorically shines a light on all that needs to be uncovered and healed.

You cannot manifest the new when you are clinging to the old.

Forgiveness and gratitude are key to your manifestations.

All the wonderful intentions that you set at the new moon cannot be realized while you are still holding on to any grudges or negative feelings, habits, beliefs or relationships.

That’s just how the Universe works. Positive attracts positive.

Think of it like a kind of vibrational decluttering. You wouldn’t buy beautiful new clothes and wear them on top of your old ones! You might not even want to hang them up in a dusty closet! You have to let go of those outdated feelings in order to attract all that you desire that is new.

Full Moon in Scorpio on May 18th in 27 degrees

The full moon in Scorpio is a powerful and highly charged moon. It happens to be the fourth full moon since the Spring Equinox and before the Summer Solstice, these moons are known as seasonal Blue Moons.

This full moon has intense energy in the transformational and deep-feeling sign of Scorpio with its psychic-emotional power. Scorpio is a fixed sign associated with spiritual growth and private, powerful emotions. All full moons are about release but in the sign of Scorpio, this is intensified even further. This is an encouraging full moon for deep and lasting healing, recharging your spirit and boosting your energy.

Highlighting what is hidden

This Scorpio moon will shed light on things that you have been holding on to and what you hold deep in your subconscious. It’s about facing your shadows and recognizing your own power over them. Your desires, longings, ambitions, motivations and aspirations will all be brought into the open and it’s an excellent time to take steps to heal anything that you have been burying emotionally.

Use the energy of this full moon to look within and clear out the old, find what no longer serves you and release it for long-lasting benefits.

Things to do during this Full Moon

  • Make a list of your unique gifts and talents. Where are you stronger than you think you are? Where are you not giving yourself credit? Scorpio is about finding and celebrating your hidden power and talents and stripping back the layers to bare those unique gifts to yourself. This is a time for stepping into your own power, not hiding in a corner or feeling anything less than magnificent.
  • Declutter.  Spring clean both your house and your soul. The full moon is an excellent time to mirror your mental and emotional work in your living space with an extensive decluttering. Release physical clutter as you simultaneously spiritually shed the past. Create space in your soul and in your home, it will greatly enhance your energy and give your vibration a boost.
  • Write a Dream Diary.  Psychic abilities are intensified with the full moon in Scorpio which means active and vivid dreams are likely. Why not write down everything that you remember upon waking and observe how they change during the days either side of the full moon. This information is coming from your higher self, you might receive important insights and sacred signs during this time. You will be wide open to communication from the Universe, look out for signs 
  • Write a Forgiveness List

Make a list of everybody that you wish to forgive, you can go as far back into your past as you wish. Write their names down and what they did and then burn it on the night of the full moon as you release the grudges and resentments that you no longer need. Holding onto toxic feelings only hurts you in the end.

  • Be Near Water or take a Purification Bath

Visit a river, beach, lake or if you cannot do that, take a purification bath with sea salts and essential oils. As you bathe yourself or sit near the water’s edge symbolically release all that blocks you from reaching the abundance, happiness, harmony and peace that you desire in your life. Shed the past, shift those blocks and negative emotions. Breathe in and out deeply and say to yourself “I release all that is blocking me from reaching my true abundance” Your intent is what matters here, the Universe will listen and help you to heal.

The moon is for manifesting

Use the full moon to release whatever may be holding you back since you set your intentions at the previous new moon. The lunar cycles offer everyone an equal chance to boost their attempts to consciously create the life of their dreams.

When you manifest in accordance with the moon cycles, you raise your frequency!

Use the Full Moon Meditation Ritual to make your new moon wishes. 

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