We talk a lot about the seven main chakras, but did you know there are actually way more than that?

Every living being has chakras, including our planet Earth. 

You are probably familiar with the seven major energy centers, but there are actually over 70,000 other smaller chakras all throughout our bodies. 

While we often discuss the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras, there are eight more chakras that it would be wise to understand. 

  • God’s Head Chakra
  • Soul Star Chakra
  • Pineal Chakra 
  • Cerebellum Chakra
  • Thymus Chakra
  • Sacred Heart Chakra
  • Core Star Chakra
  • Earth Star Chakra 

God’s Head Chakra 

Located about 12 inches above the crown chakra, you can think of the God’s Head Chakra like a halo.

When this chakra is activated, it helps to stimulate higher wisdom, spiritual consciousness, and the easy flow of source energy. 

If this chakra is imbalanced, you may feel powerless and like an observer of your life. 

Soul Star Chakra

Located just above the crown chakra yet below God’s head chakra, this center is linked to karmic memory and past lives.

This is the chakra that governs astral travel, different dimensions, and past wisdom. 

When you are out of balance at this center, it can be challenging for you to feel connected to the greater consciousness of the Universe and manifest what you desire. 

Pineal Chakra

This chakra is located directly behind the eyes, right in the center of the brain.

The Pineal gland is associated with spiritual awareness and higher consciousness.

When activated, this chakra stimulates the energy of the Pineal gland and can help you to feel connected to your spiritual side. 

If this chakra is out of balance it manifests as a feeling of fogginess, fearful thoughts, and an inability to access your intuition. 

The Cerebellum Chakra 

Found right at the back of your neck, this chakra can help to access creativity and be more in touch with bringing your dreams to life.

A healthy chakra center here can help you to focus on your soul path, your true life’s journey. 

If this energy center is out of balance, it can cause you to focus more on the negative, and to be disconnected from your authentic inner voice. 

Thymus Chakra

Located between the heart area and the throat, this chakra is also sometimes called the higher heart chakra.

When healthy and balanced, it helps you to connect with the unconditional love of the divine.

It encourages you to find and tap into the beauty of life and express yourself with empathy and compassion. 

Out of balance, this chakra can cause an inability to see different perspectives, and a tendency to stay rigid. 

Sacred Heart Chakra

Below the heart chakra and to the left you will find the Sacred Heart Chakra.

This energy center is associated with expanding your consciousness and confidence.

When in balance, this chakra infuses your life with unconditional love and deep security in yourself. 

It’s also important in helping you to receive spiritual guidance from your intuition. 

When out of balance it can manifest as a lack of empathy, mental and emotional confusion, and a refusal to compromise.Core Star Chakra

Above the Sacral Chakra, you will find the Core Star Chakra, close to your diaphragm.

This chakra helps you to gain an understanding of your life path and soul purpose.

It represents the gaining of spiritual wisdom and higher, esoteric knowledge. 

Out of balance, this chakra can make you feel disconnected from life and confused

Earth Star Chakra 

Just 11 inches beneath your feet, this chakra is what roots you and grounds you to the planet Earth.

When in balance, it will keep you firmly on your life path, grounding you to your true journey here and your highest good.

If out of balance, this chakra will make you feel like you don’t really belong, or like you are incapable of achieving all that you desire.