Did you know that the time period between two pairs of Eclipses is like a magic portal?

It is called an Eclipse Gateway and usually lasts around two weeks.

Eclipses always follow cycles and often arrive in pairs.

These always include a Lunar Eclipse (falling on the Full Moon) and a Solar Eclipse (falling on the New Moon).

We recently had a partial Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon of November 19th, and on December 3rd, we will have a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.

The period of time between eclipses — The Eclipse Gateway, behaves like an Energetic Portal — a chance to release, cleanse and clear before getting crystal clear on your intentions for the year ahead.

It is one of the most energetically intense, magical, and potent times of the year and provides ample opportunity for awakening, transformation, growth, change, and soul evolution.

This energy affects every single person on the planet, whether they are aware of what is happening or not.

It might affect your sleep patterns, your energy levels, or bring to light karmic issues to be dealt with.

Of course, when you are aware of what is happening in the cosmos, you can prepare for it and take full advantage of this energy to reap the rewards of the magic it brings.

The Eclipse Gateway between this Lunar Eclipse and the upcoming Solar Eclipse highlights themes of release, change, letting go, and ending projects.

This Eclipse Gateway occurs just as we are in the closing weeks of 2021.

I think it is the perfect time to take stock of where you are at with your intentions and how you plan to go forward to meet 2022.

The Lunar Eclipse may well have pulled things out from the darkness and forced you to look at anything you may have been ignoring.

For example, perhaps you’ve not been following through with a wellness and exercise plan, and you can no longer avoid what your body desperately needs to be healthy.

Or maybe a toxic friendship or relationship needs to come to an end, and you have been putting off the inevitable.

It could also be an outdated thought process that you need to let go of, old beliefs that you hold about yourself, or your ability to earn money.

It might also be physical release – either decluttering your house, actually moving locations, or in some way removing a physical obstacle in your life.

Each person will be dealing with their own unique lessons at this time, but what we all share is the need to step into the highest version of ourselves, which will involve releasing and letting go of anything that no longer serves us.

This energy is strong, and it will pull stuff out for you to look at, whether you want to or not!

It’s always best to go with the flow and be brave enough to examine where you need to release, clear, cleanse, and create space for the new.

Remember — If you want to manifest a brand new life, you cannot bring aspects of your old life with you that do not align with your vision!

As the energy moves towards the Solar Eclipse, you may start to feel the effects of having let go of whatever you need to release and shed from your life.

There may be a sense of lightness and ease, perhaps an excitement about what is to come!

This Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is the last eclipse in the Gemini — Sagittarius cycle that has been present since June 2020.

It has the potential to bring us the manifestations of projects or ideas we have been working on since that time.

Sagittarius is associated symbolically with truth, freedom, justice, broader views, endless possibilities, and positive thinking.

As you set your intentions at the time of the New Moon and this Solar Eclipse, think about how those Sagittarius-related themes might impact your decisions going forward.

Consider the following as you make your intentions:

  • What do you want your life to look like in 2022?
  • A brand new vision requires brand new beliefs — what are yours?
  • How will you take action to create your manifestations?
  • What can you do to focus more on love, joy, gratitude and healing?
  • Where can you make changes so that your energy is no longer drained by things that do not serve you?
  • Where can you align your daily actions with your long-term vision?

Some great practices to follow during this Eclipse Gateway include:

  • Keeping a Dream Journal — This is the perfect time to keep track of what your higher guidance is telling during your dream time.
  • Keeping moving forward mentally — Nostalgia and a yearning for the past might pull you back into feelings of regret or sadness. It’s important to keep your energy looking to the future.
  • Find little moments of joy every day. Whether it’s a walk in nature, a lovely bath with essential oils, treating yourself to a massage, or carving out an hour to simply read a book that you love — allow yourself time to feed your soul and be happy.
  • Remember how far you have come! Never let a bad day, or a dull moment cause you to feel dejected, or like you have not made progress. I always recommend keeping a list of all your achievements to date, and reminding yourself just what you are capable of!

Enjoy this magical time as we close out 2021!