I want to share with you all today some very important information about another lesser- known chakra called the Earth Star Chakra.

Like the Soul Star Chakra, this is one of the chakras that exists outside of our physical form.

These chakras are not discussed nearly as often as the seven chakras we are so familiar with.

Yet they are still very important, often missing pieces in your journey to being whole, healed, and happy. 

What is the Earth Star Chakra? 

The earth star chakra is believed to be located about twelve inches below your feet, in your energetic field.

It is connected to your etheric body, that subtle energy system which exists beyond our visible, physical being. 

It is a vital energy center, one that acts like an anchor connecting us to the Earth in all its infinite wisdom.

You can think of it like an extension of your internal Root Chakra.

Its location allows us all to tap into the heartbeat of our planet and the grounding energy of the earth. 

While your Root Chakra plays an essential role in rooting and grounding you,

the Earth Star Chakra works to anchor your entire chakra system to the stable energy of the Earth’s core. 

It connects your personal energy to the wider universal and earthly energies –

exchanging consciousness and vibrational frequencies through this energetic, electromagnetic sphere. 

When your Earth Star Chakra is balanced and aligned,

it allows you to feel profound stability, and a sense of being fully supported, and deeply grounded.

You are literally drawing stability and nurturing directly from the infinite resource of the core of our planet.

It is extremely powerful. 

Signs of an imbalanced Earth Star Chakra


  • A disconnection from the body.
  • Feeling ungrounded, spacey, and forgetful.
  • Difficulty concentrating and getting things off the ground. 
  • Anxiety, racing thoughts. 
  • Lethargy, inertia, depression.
  • Physical fatigue and low stamina. 
  • Difficulty manifesting abundance. 
  • Feeling lonely, disconnected from a sense of home. 
  • Confusion about your purpose in life.
  • Sleep issues, insomnia, nightmares. 

Benefits of a Balanced and Healthy Earth Star Chakra 

  • Increased enthusiasm for life.
  • Feeling grounded, supported, and secure.
  • A deep connection to Mother Nature.
  • Enhanced creativity and fertility.
  • Improved sense of self and purpose.
  • Energization of all other chakras. 
  • Amazing sense of being able to manifest desires.
  • Increased sense of prosperity and financial stability. 
  • Access to intuition and wisdom. 
  • Confidence. 

How to balance and regulate this chakra?

One of the most straightforward ways to do this is to increase your connection to the Earth.

Simply get outside more often and be in nature. 

Direct Contact with the Earth 

Walk barefoot on grass, soil or sand.

Sit or lie down on the ground, walk in natural surroundings and do what you can to immerse yourself in nature daily. 

As you walk, feel your feet connecting with the ground and take deep breaths.

Visualize your feet rooting into the earth and imagine the flow of energy taking place as you receive wisdom

and consciousness from Mother Earth. 

This is such a simple way to channel Earth energy through your etheric and physical body. 

Grounding Visualizations and Meditations

Imagine this chakra awakening as you meditate, and see it sending roots deep into the Earth’s core.

Visualize your energy in harmony with the planetary matrix.

Feel a deep connection to the planet as you imagine the energy rising up through your feet

and moving throughout your body to balance your other energy centers. 

Conscious Movement 

Activities that unite mind, body, and spirit are ideal for balancing this chakra.

Yoga, tai-chi, qui-gong and dance are excellent holistic ways to heal this chakra. 

Simple standing in Mountain pose for 5 minutes each morning with the conscious intent

to increase your connection to this Chakra, will help. 

Affirmations and Mantras

Affirmations are powerful tools to shift your mindset,

redirect your energy and bring stability and positivity to your life. 

Try incorporating these statements into your daily routine:

  • I feel the loving embrace of the Earth. 
  • I’m an integral part of all existence – past, present, and future.
  • I trust in the process of life. 
  • I am firmly rooted and connected to the Earth’s energy. 
  • I am worthy of abundance and fulfilling my dreams. 

To Wrap Up…

This is just an overview on this vital Chakra,

there’s a lot more to discover about it,

but taking this for starters you can begin to work on increasing your connection to the Earth

and harnessing the grounding power it offers you.