Have you ever felt the presence of an angelic being?

Did you know that there is an Angelic Chakra System that aligns with the traditional Chakra System? 

It is a spiritual framework that incorporates the Archangelic energies that are always around us,

assisting, guiding and leading the way for us on our own spiritual and physical journeys. 

Each Archangel is linked to a specific Light Ray frequency and color vibration,

resonating with one or more of the traditional Chakra centers. 

You can use this wisdom to enhance your connection between your chakra centers

and the divine energies of the angelic realm. 

You can work with your chakra centers and call upon its corresponding Archangel for growth,

spiritual enlightenment, or healing through mediation, prayer, intention setting or visualization. 

N.B The colors that are associated with each Archangel may vary according to culture and tradition.

The Light Ray color represented by an Archangel could be different to the associated Chakra color. 

The Seven Angelic Energy Centers 

The Root Chakra (Red)

Archangel Chamuel (Light Ray Green)

This Chakra grounds us to the physical realm, provides stability and a sense of rootedness in the world.

Archangel Chamuel helps you to believe in yourself,

trust your judgment and will help to ground you through your root Chakra.

Chamuel can help in releasing fears and anxieties. 

The Sacral Chakra (Orange) 

Archangel Gabriel (Light Ray White)

This Chakra is our center of creativity, emotions, sexuality and sensuality.

This energy center is what connects us with our emotions, our creative potential and healthy relationships.

Archangel Gabriel can help writers, artists, journalists, and teachers.

Gabriel brings the energy of motivation, encouragement, and clarity as well as peace and guidance in life. 

The Solar Plexus (Yellow) 

Archangel Uriel (Light Ray Purple/ Gold)

This Chakra empowers us to stand in our personal power, to be confident, 

and manifest our desires with clear intention.

Archangel Uriel can help you to release painful burdens, memories of past hurts and trauma.

Uriel brings inner peace, tranquility, and hope. 

The Heart Chakra (Green) 

Archangel Raphael (Light Ray Pink) 

This Chakra is connected with all things to do with love, compassion, harmony and forgiveness.

This is our center of emotional healing, it governs our ability to give and receive love and promotes emotional healing.

Archangel Raphael represents physical and emotional healing.

He can bring harmony, joy, balance, laughter and help to restore peace. 

The Throat Chakra (Blue) 

Archangel Michael (Light Ray Blue)

This Chakra facilitates self-expression, clear and authentic communication and sharing love and compassion.

It’s the root of our communication of the truth and what matters to us.

Archangel Michael is the moist powerful angel of protection.

He is the warrior, representing righteousness, and physical and spiritual protection. 

Call upon him when you feel afraid, doubtful or are experiencing feelings of insecurity.

He can bring strength, courage, vitality and protection. 

The Third Eye Chakra (Indigo) 

Archangel Zadkiel (Light Ray Violet)

This Chakra connects us to spiritual insight, intuition,

and allows us to deepen our connection with the divine as well as access our inner guidance and expand our perception.

Archangel Zadkiel can help to heal negative emotions, painful memories and trauma.

Zadkiel helps us to remember our life’s purpose and to pursue it with happiness and inspiration. 

The Crown Chakra (White/ Violet)

Archangel Jophiel (Light Ray Yellow)

This Chakra connects us to divine consciousness, spiritual wisdom, enlightenment, and a deeper connection with the divine. 

Archangel Jophiel can help you to keep your thoughts positive, connect to divine wisdom, inspiration and perspective. 

How to Activate the Centers 

You can use different techniques to focus on specific Angelic Energy Centers

for targeted healing, balancing, or manifestation.

Using meditation, crystal healing, angel invocations, visualization, or sound healing,

you can work to strengthen your connection with the angelic realm. 

Change your practices to resonate with whatever particular issues you’ve got going on.

The more you learn about these centers and their corresponding Archangels,

the easier it will become for you to simply meditate, visualize or intend healing.