It’s sad, isn’t it?

When you’ve been trying to manifest money into your life, and nothing’s working.

But don’t just give up. You’re not alone.

There are many people out there who are having a hard time attracting money into their lives too.

And you might have one thing in common.

Do you want to know the number one reason why you can’t manifest?

Because you know what they say, knowledge is indeed power. Knowing what is blocking you from welcoming money into your life will help you overcome them.

Ready? It’s called…

Manifestation Resistance

Yes, it exists, and we all experience it from time to time.

No matter how ready you are, how clear you’ve set your intention is, and how often you do meditation — resistance can still happen.

It can block you and hold you back from what you desire.

Manifestation resistance is not your fault. It’s part of life.

Even from your childhood days, you might have already developed resistance that stemmed from limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging thoughts, and self-doubt.

This means you are resisting what the Universe wants to give you.

If you’re feeling stuck with your current situation and want more from life, you can achieve more if you set your mind to it.

But if you can’t help but feel that you don’t deserve it, then this is where the friction begins.

You want something, but you can’t fully accept it in your life. This is a common example of resistance.

Another way that you experience resistance is when you listening to your self-sabotaging thoughts.

Whenever you want something, a new car, for example, you begin to imagine yourself driving it. But then poof!

Here comes negativity saying: “As if you can afford that,” “You’ll never get it.”

These are destructive thoughts that lower your vibration instead of raising it.

Now, how do you combat manifestation resistance?

Combat It With Positivity, Mindfulness, And Meditation With Manifestation Magic

• Tune Into Positivity

Positivity comes from believing that you are worthy and deserving of happiness. The fact that I did not imply that you are entitled to happiness is an important thing to note.

Worthy is the operative word. How you view yourself plays a crucial role in attracting prosperity into your life. Until you feel you are deserving of happiness, money will not come to you.

You have to free yourself of guilt, fear, and self-doubt.

Live a life of joy, and all that you desire will come to you.

• Mindfulness

The first type of mindfulness you should practice is being careful of your thoughts.

Make sure that when negative thoughts come to visit you, you acknowledge them and send them away. Don’t dwell on such thoughts as they can affect your vibration.

Another type of mindfulness you should try is money mindfulness. Mindfulness regarding money empowers us to be more present and aware as things develop in our lives.

Thus, we will be better prepared to handle such situations when we have impending debt, empty bank accounts, or emergencies.

• Meditation With Manifestation Magic

Meditation is already a powerful act. It can cleanse away negativities and bad energies.

But with Manifestation Magic, you’ll be able to attract the money you want. The technology behind this beautiful program can eliminate the manifestation resistance you have developed over the years.

Create a morning and evening ritual this Manifestation Magic and watch as your best life unfolds.

The life you desire is waiting…

The question is, are you ready to take action to turn it into reality?