Does it seem like some people have all the luck? Those who are lucky in their chosen career paths 🛣️, seemingly getting to where they want to be with minimal effort and making a living from it.

We can look at others who are experiencing great success and say, “oh they must be better than me, more talented or just more lucky and that’s how they got there.” What we do when we think 🤔 that way is we place ourselves in victim mode and essentially disempower ourselves.

We take away from the essential fact that we are responsible for our own lives. We have the power to create success and luck whether we believe we have talent or not.

There are so many things that we can do to produce results and boost our own chances of success, whether it is following your dreams to be an artist, writer ✍️, chef, actor or making it in your chosen field, whatever that may be.

Here are ten things that I believe are the key to success, whether you believe you have the talent or luck to get where you want to be or not.

These are all things that you can control entirely, and when combined with the positive energy of the Law of Attraction 🧲, they will work to boost your chances of reaching your goals.


I believe that all the talent in the world is nothing compared to a strong 💪 work ethic and good discipline. This is essential to becoming successful. If you consider anyone who has made it to the top of their field, you will see that discipline is really key 🔑. Coming back to practice and get better at what you do every single day is key to realizing your full potential.


2.Good Time 🕰️ Keeping

I used to be late ⌚ a lot when I was a young adult. It’s a bad habit and one that grows out of a lack of discipline. Make a conscious decision to value time, both yours and that of others and you will find that your life becomes a lot less stressful and a lot easier. Getting to where you need to be on time is key to success, it sounds small and insignificant but it is not.

3.Body Language

Do you realize how much of communication is actually non-verbal? The way you move and carry yourself is super important. Having powerful strong body language has a big effect on your physiology and other people will pick up on that. Make eye 👀 contact, keep a strong and confident stance and be still (not fidgety).

These are all signs of confidence and of a person comfortable in their own skin. You can take a couple of minutes each day of a simple power pose to increase your confidence each morning 🌅, stand with your legs apart and your arms out at your sides or up in the air like a star.

4.Positive Attitude

Practice turning your negative thoughts around where possible. Choosing to be positive more often than not is a real game changer.

I‘m not saying that we can always be cheerful and positive in the face of deep adversity, but finding the silver lining inside all situations is a wonderful way to direct your thoughts 🧠 and energy. Things cannot effect you negatively unless you allow them to.

5.Energy ⚡

Your energy every day is crucial to your success. Are you getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet and moving your body 🏃 regularly? Are you working from the core of your best self? Or are you always burned out? Put yourself first, take care of your physical, emotional and mental energy and watch your life blossom. When you feel capable of taking on even the most difficult tasks, you will begin to create a deep sense of self worth and invincibility.

6.Effort and Practice

Always give everything your best shot and put in the maximum effort. When you keep trying at something even when it’s challenging, you teach yourself that you are capable. The rewards 🏆 come when you realize that you are actually improving at what you do due to your diligent effort and practice.

7.Feed your Passion

Passion is a key ingredient to success. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t love what you do. That doesn’t mean every single day you have to feel excited in the same way, but deep down when you know you have passion and love ❤️ for what you do, it will drive you forward even on the darkest of days.

Look at the greats in your chosen field and see how they have mastered what they do due to passion. Whether it’s sports ⚽, arts, innovation or teaching. Passion is what drives us to do our best work.

8.Learn From Those Who Came Before

You have to be open to learning and growing from those who came before you. Stop any feelings of envy towards those who seem to already be where you want to be and cultivate a sense of humility 😶. You can learn from those who have reached their goals. Choose to be open to what they can teach you and then carve your own individual way forward.

9. Go the Extra Mile 🚶‍♀️

If you are serious about improving in your field and making progress, go the extra mile. When you deliver just a little more, people will always remember you. And if you’re working for yourself, this also works. Push yourself a little further than you think you can go, you’ll be pleasantly surprised every time.


10. Always be Prepared

Confidence comes when you know your stuff. Whether it’s preparing for a speech, an interview, a sports game 🎾 or sitting down to your work for the day.

When you are prepared for the task at hand, you will feel confident. Many times when we look at others who are successful, we forget how much planning 🗓️, preparing and hard work has gone into producing those results. Being proactive (planning in advance) instead of reactive (reacting after things have happened) is a much stronger approach.

We are all capable of achieving 📈 greatness. I firmly believe that we can do anything we want to with our lives, but it is up to us. We must cultivate our own work habits and realize most of all that success is not purely about luck or talent, it’s all within our control. There are really no excuses not to create the life of your dreams.