The Taurus New Moon on May 7th,

marks the end of Eclipse Season and the beginning of a period of clarity, stability, and abundance. 

Every month,

the New Moon represents the beginning of a new cycle

and a fertile time for planting seeds of intentions.

Well, this New Moon is no different,

only it also offers us a greater sense of stability and ease as it lands in the sign of earthy Taurus. 

This is the ideal time to look back over recent weeks and months

and reflect on what you truly value in your life,

and where you want to direct your powerful energy. 

After the ups and downs of the various eclipses,

this New Moon will feel like a soothing balm to the soul.

You might feel the strong urge to slow down,

ground yourself and cultivate time to be quiet and still. 

Despite all this lovely grounding energy,

there could also be an influx of shake-up energy too,

coming from Uranus – the planet of surprises.

In April we celebrated the powerful,

cosmic conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus (a once in 14 years occurrence).

It’s possible something unexpected may have come your way since then,

or perhaps you have been living a little out of your comfort zone,

or making decisions that have challenged you. 

The New Moon could enhance that energy further as Uranus is very active under it,

and adds a measure of instability or upheaval to the sense of Taurean groundedness.

Not to worry though, the lesson here is to go with the flow.

Uranus doesn’t want to ruin your life!

It wants you to push yourself out of rigid structures and allow yourself to embrace the new.

So if something unexpected does emerge in your experience under this New Moon,

simply work through any discomfort by embracing the flow and releasing the need to control.  

Some good news is that Jupiter,

the planet of abundance and expansion will also be active during this New Moon.

Jupiter is such a lovely, positive planet and brings an energy of expansion

and change to benefit everyone. 

What does Abundance Mean to You? 

This is a great time to ask yourself that question. 

Does abundance mean plenty of money and material things?

Or do you value an abundance of time and freedom to live life on your own terms? 

Abundance means different things to all of us. 

Here are three ways to tap into the abundant energy that resonates with this Taurus New Moon. 

Practice Presence 

Practice appreciating the abundance of time that is available to you.

Stop rushing.

Stop feeling as though you have to always be somewhere else.

Time is on your side.

The slow, sensual and earthy energy of Taurus is here to show you that. 

Release any fears and thoughts of what if..

and the future and practice dropping into the pure present moment,

right now. 

Appreciate Nature 

Nature is one of the best ways to appreciate abundance.

When you look at the beauty of trees, flowers, plants, birds and animals, you see it everywhere.

Spending time outside in the place where abundance is infinite and perpetual,

you will feel instantly soothed and your fears of lack and scarcity will be calmed. 

Nature shows us that things come and go,

but they always come back and there is always enough.

It’s a great lesson for us to sit in deep appreciation and reverence of Mother Earth

as a way to understand that true abundance in this Universe is infinite. 

Drop into your Heart Space

Living from your heart means placing your conscious awareness into your heart and not your head.

It’s a wonderful way to live your life authentically and in alignment with the desires of your soul.

You will find that consciously living from the heart means you always have access to abundance.

You will naturally feel connected to the things that are meant for you,

and the deeper wisdom of the Universe. 

Practice dropping into your heart space daily,

by putting one hand on your heart,

closing your eyes and simply listening to what it tells you. 

The Takeaway..

Use the grounding,

stable and nourishing energy of this New Moon in Taurus

to feel deeply connected to your true purpose,

your own definition of abundance,

and be inspired to navigate whatever challenges come your way with ease.