If you’ve ever struggled with understanding surrendering, you’re not alone.

The idea of “giving up” can be discouraging, but what if there’s a different way to look at it?

Imagine a world where you can hold on to your dreams while surrendering the need to control how they come true.

It might sound counterintuitive, but it’s the key to unlocking the Law of Attraction.

Let me share my own journey with you. Like you, I used to hold on to my desires tightly, never realizing that my attachment was actually blocking their manifestation.

It wasn’t until I understood the true meaning of surrender that everything changed.

Surrendering isn’t about giving up – it’s about letting go of the “how.” By trusting in the process and believing that the universe has a plan for you, you open yourself up to limitless possibilities.

You don’t need to know every step or have it all figured out; you just need to have faith.

Are you ready to truly surrender your desires for manifestation?

Join me on this incredible journey, and together, we’ll uncover the magic of letting go and watch as your dreams become a reality.

Let’s recap a little on the stages of manifesting:

  1. Get clear on what you desire
  2. Ask the Universe/ set an intention
  3. Strengthen your alignment with it
  4. Take inspired action
  5. Surrender and trust the process

Of course, everyone is unique, and each of us has a distinct method for achieving our desires.

Even if you don’t “officially” follow the steps above like asking the universe or setting an intention, you can still manifest.

Maybe you’re already taking inspired and joyful actions toward your desire and that’s wonderful!

Even if you skip step one or two, because of your actions, you are still aligned to your desires energetically.

It’s critical, though, that you let go and put your faith in the process.

As previously stated, surrendering does not imply giving up.

It is letting go of the burden and stress of attempting to control the outcome of a situation.

You are only letting go of your worries and fears.

For many of us, this is a significant hurdle to overcome.

We have preconceived ideas of how we want things to work out.

Surrender is really TRUST.

It’s saying to the Universe, hey, I know you will guide me and I’m going to let go and wait for that inspired action, or that sign you give me in the form of a feeling, an instinct, or a new encounter.

You can align with your desires just by feeling happy!

You might be wishing for the money to buy a new house, and during the time that you are meditating or laughing with your friends or dancing in your salsa class, you are aligning yourself energetically with that new house, EVEN THOUGH it seems to be totally unrelated.

Your happiness raises your vibration and brings your desires closer to you.

That really is how it works.

The answer is always to live your life as best you can, feel as happy as you can as often as you can, and enjoy every moment.

Knowing how your intention comes about is NOT your job.

Your only job is to keep your VIBRATION HIGH and get on with your life!

You don’t have to keep checking or keep telling the universe what you want. That’s it.

And I know it’s hard, we could all do with learning to surrender more.

I admit I had a hard time doing that, but when I finally gave in and surrendered, great things came into my life. 

How about you? Do you find it hard to surrender too? 

Let me know and I’m more than delighted to share tips on how to surrender and let the Universe work on giving you what you need and want.